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Ball gates being erected in London and New York on [...]

Rudolfstetten, Aargau
via The Full Circle Project
Ball gates being erected in London and New York on April 19 and also on that day. major move by China in the financials markets
Something interesting to watch here…
and here…
Sorry Baal gates,no ball earth
Monday 11 April 2016, 17:41:05
Love kev and whistles !!
Monday 11 April 2016, 17:43:26
that what cern does each of our cells does. you cant do anything at all in this place what already doesnt exist in that what produce any thought. and that thing
Monday 11 April 2016, 20:17:39
Yes, but each embodiment has equal creative ability, whether or not there is the now awareness of this godness, so, for or against, we are actually creating that which we fear/abhor and/or Love/cherish.
Tuesday 12 April 2016, 11:40:25
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