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Hallo all Co-creators, I would like to know is there any [...]

Mijas, Andalucía
via Ubuntu Planet
Hallo all Co-creators,
I would like to know is there any Ubuntu followers in the southern Spain who would like to meet so that we get to know each other and maybe even make something together. I am Violeta and I met Michael in San Pedro del Alcántara some days ago. I really found everything he said natural and so important that every single humans should understand his teachings and put it into reality.
I speak Spanish, Swedish, German, French and Finnish, so we should be able to communicate.
LOVE to you all and I hope to see you in Mijas-Costa or nearby.
Greetings from Catalonia - sadly a bit too far to Mijas for me, but would be interested to hear from anyone in Spain
Sunday 10 April 2016, 08:16:45
Hallo Jam! Lovely to hear from someone who is interested in the UBUNTU here in Spain. I do not know of anyone else at this moment, but I have seen on a map, that there should be more people around. Do you have any activities regarding UBUNTU in Catalonia? Greeting from Violeta.
Monday 11 April 2016, 19:36:52
Hey Violeta. I'm new to the site. I love Michael Tellinger too. Wonder if we could meet up. I'm in Malaga city. Yet to complete my profile...
Monday 27 June 2016, 20:55:48
Nice to hear from you Parmjit! I am in Mijas-Costa, near to Fuengirola. Where are you from? Yes, it would be lovely to see you if you come to Fuengirola I can come there. It is the last station with the small Renfe train. Have you been living long in Málaga? Do you speak spanish? Sally is also with the UBUNTU, but she is right now in UK for the summer. I will leave for Sweden on the 23. of this month. Hope to hear form you before that, LOVE from Violeta.
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 19:36:53
Hi Violeta - I've been here for almost 3 years now and still learning Spanish! I'm in Malaga city. Could you get to Torremolinos this Saturday? I teach English so don't have many free days...Do you know Torremolinos?
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 11:26:17
Hallo Parmjit, Yes, I can come to Torremolinos by train. I teach Spanish too, but only to a few privat pupils. What time are you thinking of? Maybe late afternoon? Give me your phonenumber, so I can let you know on what train I am and then calculate the time of arival. I can get up at the station which is at a square. My mobile is: 637154475 and home is 952471231.
Thursday 7 July 2016, 14:59:05
Hi violeta - I just tried ringing you - my phone is not always so reliable or clear! Anyway, happy to meet up on Saturday. Can you give me a rough idea of the time? Is there only one entrance to the station? You should have my number so use 'reply' to get in touch. Here are 2 other numbers: 60205416 or 07552605093 (my daughter's number)
Thursday 7 July 2016, 21:38:20
Thank you dear Parmjit. We will meet at 19 hours at the Torremolinos trainstation which leads to a pedestrial square. I will call your daughter and tell her what I will be wearing, so you can reconize me easily as there ar probably a lot of people. I will be coming up the stairs from the train and look around.Surely we will find each other. LOVE from Violeta. You can see me at my Facebook as well under:sirpavioletatortelapaulus.
Friday 8 July 2016, 23:19:39
You wrote yr daughter´s mobile number, but I think you left out one number???There should be 9 numbers!!! I dialed the number, but it says the number does not exist. LOVE from Violeta.!
Saturday 9 July 2016, 07:28:17
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