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hello my fellow scottish dwellers. i am very interested [...]

Greenock, Inverclyde
via SotR - United Kingdom - Scotland - Glasgow
hello my fellow scottish dwellers. i am very interested in trying to locate and work on some of the energy vortexes around this area. i'm in greenock but i've got a car so i can travel about a bit. it feels like sometimes that there is not much we can practically do, only i think that there is, and working at places where energy converges feels to me like a very realistic and very do-able way to help this situation come to a head more quickly and smoothly. anyone interested? (please say yes, i really am not keen to work on such places alone, as negative entities are harder to face alone)
Sera Y
i am very much a novice in this but would be more than happy to accompany you- my vortex work so far has only been to invoke a vortex of light with the aid of the intergalactic elohim to clear my friends dwelling place (tower block) of negative energy...i was quite successfull in this. Im not even sure i understand what it is that you do but i am definately interested. I live in Aberdeen, Yours Sara Young X
Wednesday 20 July 2016, 20:45:36
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