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Ending the Kazarian Rothschild - Israel, Vatican, Crown (Spain-England) Federal [...]

Wilson, Wyoming
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Ending the Kazarian Rothschild - Israel, Vatican, Crown (Spain-England) Federal Reserve Bank - IMF - BIS etc. cabal. Let the global financial reset begin. Sure hope our world sees the coming arrest of the cartel soon. With Yamashita's gold we will see the end of the corruption in the western financial system come to an end. No more wars, poverty, pollution, etc. Let the Renaissance begin.
I honestly don't understand how "justice" as it's understood today - how that's going to carry over into the new era. In my estimation "justice" will be replaced with "rehabilitation". Even though in our mind "justice" must be served for all the evil that these "elite" individuals have done over the past few thousand years. I hope the unity throughout mankind will be strong enough to convince those seeking justice that there is another way, and that every human being is as important as the next. Our spices survival depends on all of our rehabilitation.
Friday 8 April 2016, 22:19:03
There can be no "peace," without, "violence,",
yet to seek a balance is key
Saturday 9 April 2016, 03:08:53
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