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And another coke sniffing liar [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
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And another coke sniffing liar…
It`s beginning to unravel for the Tories,plenty of infighting and general naughtiness coming to light...nice
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:06:34
My opinion if it's worth anything! Two things may follow, another major distraction to keep the heat off the porcine lover, and if he does go, the dreadful realisation arrives... Who will replace him, boris, therasa may, Osborne , gove? ,, it's giving me the need to reach for the falling down water ‼️
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:34:52
hmmmm,I`ll just inject some vodka into my eyeballs and have a think on that for a while
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:38:23
Bob, no drunken eyeballs on your guzzi ! Going to take mine orally right now, checking out for now xx
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:41:53
S`ok..I`ll ride with my eyes shut...wot could possibly go wrong?
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:43:34
Have a lovely evening Gaynor :)
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:43:55
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