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“If we clearly realize that the creative power in ourselves [...]

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“If we clearly realize that the creative power in ourselves is
unlimited, then there is no reason for limiting the extent to which we
may enjoy what we can create by means of it. Where we are drawing
from the infinite we need never be afraid of taking more than our
share. That is not where the danger lies. The danger is in not
sufficiently realizing our own richness, and in looking upon the
externalized products of our creative power as being the true riches
instead of the creative power of spirit itself.
If we avoid this error, there is no need to limit ourselves in taking
what we will from the infinite storehouse: “All things are yours.”
And the way to avoid this error is by realizing that the true wealth is
in identifying ourselves with the spirit of opulence. We must be
opulent in our thought. Do not “think money,” as such, for it is only
one means of opulence; but think opulence, that is, largely, generously,
liberally, and you will find that the means of realizing this thought
will flow to you from all quarters, whether as money or as a hundred
other things not to be reckoned in cash.
We must not make ourselves dependent on any particular form of
wealth, or insist on its coming to us through some particular channel—
that is at once to impose a limitation, and to shut out other forms of
wealth and to close other channels; but we must enter into the spirit
of it. Now the spirit is Life, and throughout the universe Life
ultimately consists in circulation, whether within the physical body
of the individual or on the scale of the entire solar system; and
circulation means a continual flowing around, the spirit of opulence
is no exception to this universal flow of all life.
When once this principle becomes clear to us, we shall see that
our attention should be directed rather to the giving than the receiving.
We must look upon ourselves, not as misers’ chests to be kept locked
for our own benefit, but as centres of distribution; and the better we
fulfil our function as such centres the greater will be the corresponding
The Spirit of Opulence
Thomas Troward
Thursday 7 April 2016, 15:58:14
Much Love to you and yours...
Thursday 26 May 2016, 18:30:30
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