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"If we push this notion even further, we come to [...]

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen
via Prepare For Change
"If we push this notion even further, we come to the inevitable conclusion that, since we are a part of the fractal, if we change ourselves, we change the world around us. This is a deceptively simple, yet very difficult concept. It’s one that might be easy to contemplate, but actually doing it is very hard in the context of an artificial reality that keeps reinforcing itself. Because the reality around us refuses to show us in very cogent ways how much it changes as we change, it feels like it’s only us that changes. However, these things add up, especially when we’re all trying to make the same kinds of corrective changes – to become more ourselves, to take back our personal sovereignty and personal power, to regain our autonomy and to become more balanced. Sooner or later the ‘weight’ of our own personal change will require that the Matrix reprogram itself to reflect those changes, and then we will start to see the results in wider ways."

From the Silver Legion
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