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HI all, this is a video with Andrew Bartzis he [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
via FCP - Ireland - Dublin - Blanchardstown
HI all, this is a video with Andrew Bartzis he reads Akashic recoprds. Here he is speaking of the great importance that Ireland holds for all of us.…
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 20:20:42
irelands peace keeper
the hill of tara has no tunnels, i live beside it, irelands has 100,000,s of hills, the only tunnels are under the cities.
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 21:03:19
[deleted user]
Andrew Bartzis Time line travel does not exist because time line does not exist it is imaginary. quite handy imagination like a ruler but it is not real. Some patterns in life repeat it self quite reliable until now and we use it as base for time line, planing and past for analyse our mistakes in order to not repeat them, but time is always right now. it is now when we sleep and when we wake up, we all birth and death happening now . It is right now for a millions of years. the truth is not in our heads but what we all can observe and it is presents that constantly changing.
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 22:08:38
[deleted user]
Thank you Ireland, Interesting? In this video Andrew says that Hill of Tara has Technology under it and the technology is like an ant hive getting into tunnels that lead to other tunnels. Is it common knowledge and/or what is taught
in Ireland that the only tunnels are under the city? Just curious
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 22:22:29
[deleted user]
I appreciate your view Sylvester and Imagination does exist :)
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 22:29:02
[deleted user]
Warmest wishes and hugs to you all ((((()))))
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 22:55:42
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 01:02:11
irelands peace keeper
ask yourself this question, how does bartzis know all this, he never produce
s any form of evidence on any of his statements, this is a well plotted out formula that there is no way of proving him right but common sense proves him wrong,
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 19:48:19
[deleted user]
Ireland, its ok if you dont agree:) I have personal experience with some of what Andrew speaks of. Which is why I feel he is important enough to share here. Did you see my above question about The Hill of Tara? is that what you have been taught or have you been under/in it yourself? I would love to know, thanks
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 21:19:30
John B
Ye Ireland. this kind of information nourishes alot of people's search for truth. He's in the frequency of truth, its easy to feel it, once you've been on this search for long enough, its easy to tell when people are lying and when theyre not. He advocates people return to the old ways, the shamanic ways of the land, this is my litmus test of truth these days. at least to me. Its ok if you aren't currently open to this stuff. give it time. just please refrain from playing the role of the neigh-sayer skeptik. especially on a site as conscious as this.. where all alternative views need to be heard. no matter how complex what he's saying, maybe this stuff is just going over your head? Andrew is working incredible actions of healing every day for people all over the world. A true light worker.
really examine yourself right now and ask who's side your on in this time. whether consciously or unconsciously your playing the side of ignorance... the tyrant's best friend.
Thursday 7 April 2016, 00:56:10
John B
Your not the tyrant's friend. Your Our Friend :)
Thursday 7 April 2016, 00:58:02
John B
and we Love You.
Thursday 7 April 2016, 00:59:21
John B
Thursday 7 April 2016, 00:59:27
Thursday 7 April 2016, 01:01:25
[deleted user]
Yes thank you John Beautifully said. You are our friend Ireland, we all need eachother here. To help others awaken. The way out truly is LOVE. First Love and acceptance of oneself. If those of us that are awakened turn on each other then where are we? Right back where we started. This site is about practicing Peaceful non compliance with the "powers that were" and coming together to form new communities, sharing ideas, exploring the world
.... its a beautiful thing. If we dont agree with others posts Big Deal? Who cares? We do not need to get into it, we are better than that. At the end of the day you are all still my brothers and sisters and I love you so much. All I have is Love in my heart for all of you.
Thursday 7 April 2016, 01:35:49
Thursday 7 April 2016, 04:02:08
Thursday 7 April 2016, 04:09:52
Thursday 7 April 2016, 04:15:44
Thursday 7 April 2016, 04:25:21
Thursday 7 April 2016, 04:57:31
Thursday 7 April 2016, 06:22:37
Thursday 7 April 2016, 06:23:53
Thursday 7 April 2016, 06:49:05
Thursday 7 April 2016, 18:02:20
John B
Now to understand more the level of scale, style, and precision which our ancestors created on. We go East,…
Thursday 7 April 2016, 19:29:02
Thursday 7 April 2016, 19:29:57
Thursday 7 April 2016, 19:30:22
Thursday 7 April 2016, 19:40:19
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:05:46
irelands peace keeper
thank you for the peace and love message and the same back at you only ten fold but this still makes no difference to my outlook on this new age movement and all these slimy gronies that are making big bucks off guilible people who want to believe in this load of crock, this man bartizs and cobra did you know the cobra is the biggest killer of human beings of any creature, lance white, micheal Tsarison whos real name is brian heatly by the way, this people should be ashmed of themselves charging people for their fony services.
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:08:22
John B
Again, Ireland, Wow, really? OK...anyways. were just gonna go ahead and keep on learning...
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:41:56
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:42:55
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:44:09
John B
if you'd like to participate in the learning, right now I'm sharing structures I believe to be part of Earth Spiritual Fortification Grid.
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:46:45
Thursday 7 April 2016, 20:48:54
Thursday 7 April 2016, 21:03:47
Thursday 7 April 2016, 21:07:12
[deleted user]
Thank you for posting these John! There is so much to learn from in these videos. Our ancient past, what and how can I learn from it now? Looking at these places, It feels so right so familiar. For me its all about feeling:) I noticed "the same energetic feeling"within two of the ancient sites ive been that were in different countries. It was a very powerful feeling of "total clarity" Peace Keeper thanks for sending love back ten fold. I accept. Peace keeper What you say about Bartzis is NOT TRUE. Most of what he gives is free of charge. I have been charged
nothing and have heard Countless videos on you tube as well as radio shows. He has really helped me get in touch with my true nature. Love to all
Thursday 7 April 2016, 22:09:58
Thursday 7 April 2016, 23:05:26
Thursday 7 April 2016, 23:37:07
John B
"The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

"Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier - The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.
"The messages will be found written in the LIVING STONE, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. (Crop Circles have been found in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.
"Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world. Only in the ancient teachings will the ability to understand the messages be found.
"It is important to understand that these messages will be found upon every living thing, even within our bodies, even within a drop of our blood. All life forms will receive the messages from the twins... those that fly, the plants, even the rabbit. The appearance of the twins begins a period of seven years will be our final opportunity to change our ways. Everything we experience is all a mater of choice.
"Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.
"Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind. For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us. It will be a very hard time for women with children for they will be shunned, and many of the children in these times will be unnatural. Some being from the Stars some from past worlds, some will even be created by man in an unnatural manner and will be souless. Many of people in this time will be empty in Spirit they will have Sampacu. No life force in their eyes.
Friday 8 April 2016, 02:16:07
[deleted user]
Thats why we need to return to the old ways
Friday 8 April 2016, 03:28:20
John B
"When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small Red Star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. Watching us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings.
"This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens. In this way we will know Creator is not a dream. Even those who do not feel their connection to spirit will see the face of creator across the sky. Things unseen will be felt very strongly.
"Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.
"We will receive many warnings allowing us to change our ways from below the Earth as well as above. Then one morning in a moment. We will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood, many things will then begin to happen that right now we are nor sure of their exact nature. For much of reality will not be as it is now.

"There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen. The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars, and rebuild this Earth. But not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe.
"No thing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures. Remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit. Our relatives from the Stars are coming home to see how well we have faired in our journey.
Friday 8 April 2016, 03:41:18
[deleted user]
Yes, I have seen the red blood sky vision in a past dream i never knew what it meant. I feel reality shifting in and out of dream state NOW. Also see flames in some people as well as visions of flames. The way is through our hearts, also I feel personally a strong urge for ceremonies or celebrations, practices. Drumming, chanting, fires(controlled and safe
of course) what feels right.
Friday 8 April 2016, 04:21:16
irelands peace keeper
Happy learning folks and good luck with it all, may the force be with you. p
eace to you all
Friday 8 April 2016, 18:43:29
Friday 8 April 2016, 19:00:26
John B
This one goes out to you Peacekeeper,
Friday 8 April 2016, 19:58:32
Friday 8 April 2016, 19:58:42
[deleted user]
What a Beautiful journey gift these videos are, i am so grateful. Wondering if the Hopi Prophecy "the Purifier" has anything to do with the planet Mercury?
Friday 8 April 2016, 20:50:09
irelands peace keeper
Thank you for the beautiful video John B.
Saturday 9 April 2016, 10:25:14
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