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Well I went into NYC and saw the film Vaxxed [...]

Watchung, New Jersey
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Well I went into NYC and saw the film Vaxxed at Angelika Cinema, my favorite place to see the best movies that are never shown at your typical blockbuster multiplex. The fact that Vaxxed, a revelation about the connection between childhood autism and the MMR vaccine, is being shown anywhere is quite remarkable considering the information is quite damning to the pharmaceutical industrial complex which is allowing millions of people to become ill or even worse all for the sake of the bottom line.

I was quite impressed with the professional quality - the producers made it a point to stick to the facts (which are alarming) without pointing fingers while interviewing doctors, scientists and of course parents of autistic children who are the eye witnesses to this horrible crime against humanity. The CDC whistleblower who was brave enough to come forward and expose their fraud is never seen, only heard in phone conversations that he was not even aware we're being recorded. His testimony needs to be brought into the open which will open up the floodgates of dissent against an industry that is so infiltrated with greed and deceit.

I was talking to my sister who's married to a doctor on the train ride in this afternoon. They know a someone who wrote a book that debunked all of Dr Andrew Wakefield's (film director) prior research about the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. She said that the whole issue was settled as far as she knew and the danger is far greater banning MMR than allowing it. I told her that I'll watch the film and decide for myself.

I don't have children and hence no grandchildren. I do however have a recently born great nephew and another great niece/nephew on the way. After watching Vaxxed it's my hope that my 2 nephews see it and look for another option for them. Even getting the individual vaccines is much safer than the full MMR which if left unchecked could end up in 15-20 years putting 50% of our children (80% males) at risk of autism.
My son Mykel was born in 1997 perfectly healthy. He crawled and walked on time and began speaking and was very social around 9 months of age In 1999 he received his vaccinations and one which was the MMR and I watched as my son changed before my eyes. He stopped speaking and went within to his own world. Today he is 18 non verbal,struggles with social situations and learning and has violent and aggressive as well as sensory behaviors that make up his day to day life he is given the label of autism as most kids are since they couldn't find anything else wrong. I had 3 children after Mykel and I would not allow them to be vaccinated until age 4 they are not autistic. It is a blessing to see that this mystery is finally beginning to unravel. Currently it is 1 in 9 children that will result in a autistic child. It was 1 in 288 when my son was diagnosed. I feel positive for our children's future as I Know very soon they will only know health,abundance and a beautiful and thriving planet as well as the love they deserve. Blessings of love and light to all.
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 22:13:50
I'm curious as to how exactly Dr. Wakefield's (the preeminent gastroenterologist in the U.K. at the time) research was "debunked" in that book by that "someone" they claim to know. Especially since there have been other studies that have agreed with his findings, and the CDC itself has also found causal links between the MMR and autism which they attempted to cover up. Sure, anyone can write a book and claim whatever they want and those without laboratory facilities of their own, entrenched in the mainstream mind, likely wouldn't have the experience to suss out the faulty data, manipulation of statistics, or the insider knowledge to understand that certain terms even can be manipulated (such as the "placebo" that vaccines are safety tested against is actually another vaccine or a mix of everything - including toxins - EXCEPT the one viral antigen - so they can 'truthfully' say there was no difference in adverse reactions between the "placebo" and the vaccine. Or the recent "study" claiming to be comparing incidence of autism between vaccinated and "unvaccinated" children and siblings which data-mined 95k insurance records and claimed to find no difference between the two groups...except they counted partially vaccinated kids and those maybe only missing one shot as "unvaccinated", AND they went by doctor's diagnostic codes to find incidences of autism - but doctors DON'T always use the codes for autism if using another code will get them a higher rate of compensation from the insurance company. This is actually a common practice, one of my doctors explained it to me when I questioned diagnostic codes listed on my insurance record being different than what she had told me I was diagnosed as - use the actual code and the insurance would only pay for 3 treatments, use a different code that sorta but not quite means the same thing, kinda, and the insurance company would pay for a greater number of treatments.). What is also interesting is that the one side (which stands to make a handsome profit) lashes out in witch-hunting, censoring zealotry to destroy the other side which is merely asking for transparent, non-conflict-of-interest, independent research and testing to be done.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:25:25
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