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You categorically don’t want to be President? I don’t want to [...]

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You categorically don’t want to be President?
I don’t want to be President. I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.
[deleted user]
I defiantly want to be a President. and there is how I would represent you all: I would create (not me give the order to IT guys) to create software so that every house hole could rapport its needs Directly in calculated orders for work to factories and It would be done with account of all reassures Full automated self governing system and my Primary job would be where Elvis sunglasses, Nice had, Pimp cane and checking up on hippie pussy river =O) would you please vote for my for the last time, because afterwards you will be not voting, but choosing by yourself where to participate with who hang out. In reality just elected new president Will be invited in the secret dark green room fool of smoke of cigars and there will be shown video of Kennedy assassination from the angle that no one sow before. Mr President do you have any questions? well Syria it is lets bomb it =O)
Sunday 3 April 2016, 18:58:00
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