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Hi, first; to confirm I will make a modest donation [...]

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Hi, first; to confirm I will make a modest donation later in the month (April). Second; money is tight at the moment because myself and a select few have been voluntarily developing a global website aimed at giving people their unheard voice back in politics and governance. Our project was conceived in 2014, created during 2015 and will be Christened (launched) in 2016. I am wondering whether some form of mutually beneficial collaboration could be considered. Possible example; your system utilised n our website with a specific circle created for our expected substantial global membership. Your reward to assist in the ongoing development of your Full Circle project could be some form of regular compensation towards your project. We know we have a massive global tribe to plug into. We have also provisionally reserved a segment of our website for your superb product (in replacement of a boring blog). We have called the reserved section 'Members Circle'. Please let me know if you would be interested to further explore the possibilities. Dirk Darcy, England.
[deleted user]
Yes I for one would be interested . I formed FCNW as a hub with the view of getting groups and communities together. You could join as a group or an individual representing a group. This puts you in touch with oth
Friday 1 April 2016, 22:07:48
Hi Doug- Mat and I will be in touch with you also -thank you for bringing to our attention to your plans and making this offer. Louise, FCP coordinator :-)
Saturday 2 April 2016, 08:09:06
Thanks to you both for yo
ur positive responses. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Sunday 3 April 2016, 09:07:07
Dirk- check you pm box for contact details, thanks
Sunday 3 April 2016, 09:15:49
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