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Hello Everybody, I just got my new Ubuntu tee shirt and [...]

Savage, Minnesota
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Hello Everybody,

I just got my new Ubuntu tee shirt and plan to wear it this weekend. They are a bit expensive at $39 but, it is supporting a good cause. Here is the link - let me know if it works.…

You might have to try a copy and paste.
clicking the link works
Friday 1 April 2016, 19:42:50
Thanks Qba. I noticed that it changed to green as soon as I hit enter. I'm still getting used to this website and how it works. Pretty cool. Have you read the Ubuntu Book? What do you think?
Friday 1 April 2016, 20:06:05
in 8 days i'm going to the workshop in London and hope to buy a hard copy there.. ye its other then most website's and it takes abit getting used to but i really like it i think i saw nearly all michael Tellinger's you-tube vids, and from those i totally fell in love with the whole philosophy People first !! Unity and abundance for all !!! you must be a banker or dirty politician, not to like the idea
Friday 1 April 2016, 20:11:15
Well said Qba. I hope you find a group nearby and things go well for you. Good luck!
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:01:30
thanks man and no worry i'm forming a group Ubuntu Belgium. already co-admining ubuntu belgium on facebook and the groups on this site - Belgium and Belgium west flanders i talk about Ubuntu anywhere and at anytime i can. In May i get some extra money from work with wich i'll setup the official Ubuntu-Belgium website, got 2 upcomming intervieuws with local newspapers about Ubuntu, and i have just engaged a friend of mine, who is graduate Marketing to make me a "buisness plan" for spreading the Ubuntu philosophy more efficiently in Belgium. In contact with nearly all people you can see in the North-western part of Belgium. ( if you click on home on this page ) Good luck to you aswell man, may the eternal fire of change burn inside you as it does in me unity and love :)
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:11:49
o ye and resently i made these :
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:13:21
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:13:27
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:14:09
and currently working on an other intro vid ;-)
Friday 1 April 2016, 21:14:29
And just finished my new video
Saturday 2 April 2016, 00:53:05
[deleted user]
I don't need yet another Tshirt.
Monday 4 April 2016, 13:45:50
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:13:44
enjoy :)
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:13:50
Qba, Great Video - I hope lots of people see it and go to the link...
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:25:06
ty :)
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:26:36
currently working on a remake of this one…
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:27:09
this new program i'm using is super :D
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:27:39
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