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A very short crash course in how to form a [...]

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A very short crash course in how to form a local circle:

A very short crash course in how to form a local circle is from a reply I left to some-one post earlier. I thought I might quote it here for others to get an idea of the effort it takes to connect . This is based on my own experience and has proven to work to some degree.

"This is the link to the North West circle…; it has 20 members at mo, most will probably state inactive. If i was you I would put up a post on there similar to the above. They will receive an email notification. Than i would private message all 20 of them (again they will get an email). Than using the connect button above I would contact everyone (from all the networks on here) within a 50 mile radius of me. (that's about an hours journey by car). Than i'd pick a location and time and set up a circle meeting and post the details on the North West circle. Than I'd pm all 20 members again with the details. Than I would pm the 50milers around me with the details. Next I would print off the prepared flyers and stick them around town ......And than I would turn up and see who arrived. If no one does you can go to bed knowing you couldn't have done anything more. but that's just me and I'm a bit ocd at times lol."
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Link to flyers…;
[deleted user]
I hope it makes a bit of sense I'm rather tired at the mo and my english isn't very good at the best of times
Sunday 29 April 2018, 00:16:13
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