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Sign up for Manna, a new currency system bringing equality. [...]

Nürnberg, Bayern
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Sign up for Manna, a new currency system bringing equality. This is part of the shift from 3D to 5D, which sees the baking system collapse in the near future. So better act now.

Manna is a new emerging cryptocurrency which is being distributed on a weekly basis without further conditions but that of signing up. There are about 77,000 accounts verified as of yet, and the weekly distribution started on March 1, 2018. The current distribution per weeks is about 11 Manna, yet as the number grows the amount of Manna distributed will probably be reduced as the value of Manna increases. So being an early bird is imperative. You can read yourself into the whitepaper of Mannabase which sets out in detail its goals and project of creating a UBI(=Universal Basic Income).
You don't need yet to know much about or anything at all about cryptocurrencies to be part of it. I highly recommend signing up. Mannabase goes beyond the old paradigm of 'deserving it to be alive'. We have the right to receive basic income just as we have the right to breath. But read yourself into it and decide for yourself.

Here is the referral link:…

Make sure you verify your sign up via the email you will receive! Once done, you receive your own referral link by means of which you can earn bonus Manna for one year.

Love and Light,

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