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British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
I took at up to 20 photos and video while above the clouds coming home that in a timeline of say 1 hour at 38,000 feet show whats going on up above beyond the clouds. Fascinating stuff with trails. I was snap happy out of the window and the onboard cameras showing live shots of the A380 in flight. Like this. I want to upload but I can't. Come on Mat please allow us to post photos.…
Monday 2 April 2018, 19:53:56
I agree , we need to be able to upload photos and also our own videos .
Monday 2 April 2018, 20:03:44
Just taken a look at that BBC trending link. Good find. Typical BBC
Monday 2 April 2018, 20:05:33
Last week CTV news website here in Canada posted an article about how microwave ovens are actually good for you. haha
Monday 2 April 2018, 20:10:32
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