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Montreal a beautiful city, one where culture is still opened [...]

Montréal, Québec
via The Full Circle Project
Montreal a beautiful city, one where culture is still opened to difference, who has the charm of Europe, where there is still relative peace, where the French have fought tooth and nails though since its inception to remain itself and in peace. But everything in the world is changing isn't it? Do you feel a change? Do you see the sky filled with chemtrails, hidding the health giving sun from us? Do you see Zionism continuing its march of destruction throughout the world through its decadence of art, and shaving Palestine off the map without hindrance? How is it possible that nobody gets involved? How did Sodom and Gomorrah ever come to be? Everyone is satisfied sitting behind a computer giving their opinion and especially not thinking too deep or connecting dots between the defferent aspects in their society. The spiritual death of Christianity since the council of Vatican ll, has stripped all power away of priests to spiritually aid and save the souls of Christians. Does baptism now have in itself the power to do what it was supposed to perform when handed down? The bending of minds through political organization and technical-scientific means the One World Order has achieved in the last 10 years leaving citizens unable to think all over the world is for the least flabbergasting. Late Malachi Martin and Mgr Lefebvre both saw Cardinals who reign in the Vatican working under the cover to destroy the Christian faith day in day out, going as far as letting some thoughts on the fact perhaps Christ has not died on the cross flow in the air. Today, nobody believes Satan exists, even church priests and bishops don't want to hear of satanic possession and cults and as result, satanist rituals, covens and occult new age groups and practices sprout like wild grass. (Read Russ Dizdar) Kids learn how to do blow jobs in teen magazines while watching the naked lady gagas of this world put crosses upside down on fire on stages and parents think; "what ca I do"? The hundreds of millions of dollars injected into controlled media about priest scandals and pedophilia is just one of the black budget envelops used to twist spirituality into a one world satanic religion and the fall of Christendom. But you'll see no money put against the World Wide pedophilia ring that snatches millions of children off the streets to never be seen again. Trauma based mind control, (read Fritz Springmeier), is rampant and you find doctors, psychologists, dentists, priests and street gang members now aware of its technical aspects and perpetrating it 365 a year on so called mental patients, the poor, the homeless, prostitutes, future political wannabes, artists, media goons and industrial millionaires. I find Canada to be particularly blind and unaware about all of these matters. I hope there will be a rebirth of mind consciousness here.
Hello Di, I'm 110% with you, your angst seems justified to me. The rebirth of mind consciousness as that sweet souled beat poet, Gil Scott Heron reminded us in his song, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", I think, indicates that that rebirth is happening here and now with our self illumination and collective illumination of conscious minds bringing their insight, passion, wisdom and gifts to the task at hand and for the 'upliftment' of eachanother. My chataqua, my spiritual conversation with myself has often led me to question why it is that any good fortune should come my way since I know the world is full of misery, suffering and injustice, as well as random acts of kindness and bravery. I have, as a matter of course, to place myself, my conduct, my desires and my appetites in a scale of values that encompasses the world beyond my door. This is a sort of 'The Waltons' or 'Little House on The Prairie' mindset I always felt comfortable with compared to the medieval brutality i saw in the streets and community around me. I felt that no man, woman or child should be poor or suffering because of social injustice, and since most of the world is just so, I have always been agitated. We're all wired differently of course, but the consequences of self interest at the cost of others is becoming ever clearer to people as your own post indicates. People struggle to accept the monsters that we have created, or at least the dangerous forces that we have acquiesced to - the dangers of psychopathy and megalomania have come to haunt us all. I used to complain to a friend in Colorado, in his beautiful picturesque home near the river, that the white races had historically enslaved the dark skinned people and a reckoning was inevitable. His reply did not justify past wrongs, dwell on them or deny them, but it was sage, "The same forces that have been used to enslave the black man for centuries are now being used to enslave the white man." That was in around 1993, innocent days by today's standards. It is a Martin Neimoller kind of affair - it always has been. The face of injustice should never be allowed to thrive at any time - justice, kindness and fairness is not a thing to be played with - its just not funny - except to the psycopath, perhaps. Canada - what I have seen of it is a beautiful land, I have often shed tears for the loss of how Turtle Island must once have been - 'wild and free', but when I look under that Big Sky, go near the mountains or just feel the pure chill of the arctic wind that for me somehow carries the prism of the Northern lights within its bite - I still feel the language of the land - it has shaped the native and stubborn non native occupants to a certain degree. It has imparted a certain crisp practicality, a basicness in them that is in danger of being 'princess programmed' (ref. Mark Passio), or just brutalised out of too many with scarcity politics and fear porn. Still there is amongst some an appreciation of natural forces and how it dictates the reality. You had Trudeau, and that made Canada stand out for the right reasons. Now Alberta has booted out the Neo Cons - perhaps 'a change is a-comin', I hope so. I hope you can preserve what's left of your wilderness and the integrity that you once stood for as a people of some conscience and redress - it's a dialectic, like my chataqua, an ongoing conversation of the spirit in which we all take part as you are doing now. Perhaps the rebirth has already happened, and all that remains is the gathering to take place. Peace. Seb
Monday 29 June 2015, 00:50:34
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