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[Corey Goode] Latest situation update by Corey on Facebook [...]

Salford, Greater Manchester
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[Corey Goode] Latest situation update by Corey on Facebook…
morning light
What a courageous person Corey Goode is.... Thanks for posting this. His ability to keep his balance in situations like this is very inspiring. namaste, morning light
Saturday 1 July 2017, 04:59:12
[deleted user]
If I was Corey, I wouldn't allow my wife to step up onto that stage with me. Trouble in paradise
Saturday 1 July 2017, 23:55:51
morning light
You mean, romantic trouble? She seems too level-headed for that.... (and he does, too)
Sunday 2 July 2017, 00:56:26
I think Stacey has been handling the situation very well, unfortunately she is now also being under attacked...
Sunday 2 July 2017, 05:10:16
[deleted user]
Yes, there's nothing wrong with these 2 level-headed people, apart from a naivety, I suspect, in being persuaded to step into the limelight.
If I was Corey Goode, or any other whistleblower with a hard impact on the human made sores aka secrets held in the dark, I would present
my reports under a pseudonym or even better.. anonymous. Saves me a lot of trouble I should think, from the stance of mini-whistleblower ;)

And this includes NOT being visibly present at all, in the Wishing Well of Wonders. It's obvious, isn't it by now? that coming out with full disclosure,
personally, including one's private life, is asking for serious trouble? Unless these consequences are fully accepted, taken with responsibility.
Victim or Hero, Victory in both qualities, finding an end to one's life early, due to this role, makes me ponder the value of being silenced in that way.

What I meant, morning light, isn't related to this couple's relationship, although it may have an effect later, my somewhat incorrect "trouble in paradise"
was based on the outcome, foreseen by me, of Stacey being under attack now too. To me, that's as simple as counting 1 + 1 = 2
Sunday 2 July 2017, 15:10:50
morning light
Yeah, they are in unusually painful, difficult circumstances. But two things are happening that makes this bearable (according to Corey). One is that Corey (and Stacy) are being somewhat protected. They are not doing this alone. They have support from some powerful beings (and we all have similar support, even if we're not completely aware of it). The other is that Corey has, by his own admission, been party to some pretty awful things, and he regards his current situation as an opportunity to start to make up for some of it.... So I think there is no victim/hero thing here for Corey -- or, to the extent that there is, this is partly about changing his/our language and perceptions about those things... He is being asked to erase/transmute/transform his ego, and we, watching, see the wisdom and love behind that.... So I agree, Pastinakel, that doing what they've done has definitely invited serious trouble (your math seems quite correct, to me!), and I also agree that Corey (and Stacy) have, as you say, accepted the consequences. When I listen to them, I listen for the eternal lessons.... I love the drama of all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, I'm ashamed to say; but although I came for the cloak-and-dagger, I leave with other things....
Sunday 2 July 2017, 16:33:53
Agreed morning light, I look at the underlying message that is given by CG & DW, it's basically about raising our own vibration, being more positive and mindful, learning to be compassionate to all. Regardless of the information being correct or misinformation I feel that message is positive and of importance to us all.
Sunday 2 July 2017, 19:28:45
[deleted user]
Thank you, morning light, well said and to be clear, I greatly appreciate the work of Corey Goode and his wife, as service to humanity and full disclosure.
It's just that I'm fond of separating my private life from working life and from involvement in activities provoking antipathy in members of the Cabal.
Martyrdom isn't my style in this life. I'm so in love with life that I plan to count my blessings in sync with my counting of years consisting of 3 numbers
Sunday 2 July 2017, 22:11:34
morning light
I agree, Richard! The underlying message is very, very beautiful... And Pastinakel, I hope to find the joy you have found! And I hope your blessings continue to multiply in just the way you describe.
Sunday 2 July 2017, 23:52:57
[deleted user]
Thank you, morning light, your well-wishing sparks a subject I'm closely working on now, chewing on I mean.
I'm not sure if this conversation here is the right door to enter that subject, but it's certainly related to the work,
or rather exposure "en publique" of Corey Goode and others with him, in the spotlights on stage.

I'll describe what's on my mind these days, it's thoughts about team-building and connecting to others in the
neighbourhood/community. With all the blessings in my life I'm now settling in a little town in Devon UK.
Calming down after much hustle and bustle, moving home 4 times in 1 year.

In the 100th Goldfish Report interview with Cobra and in the latest Q & A session International Golden Age
Group – 29th June 2017, teambuilding is mentioned by Cobra as a key factor in speeding up the liberation process.
by efforts to reach larger numbers of those ready to be part of the awakening of humanity.

These are my words, you can check the Goldfish Report interview with Cobra here:… and the Q & A session here:…

I've begun hanging the PFC poster…
in public places like the library, the visitor-center, town council notice boards (vitrines) near where I live.
When people ask what it's about I tell them "It's for people who are in need of a little help".

So far that's always accepted as an "okay" to hang the poster myself or to leave it so that it's taken care of later.
Now, this works in the UK village life with many forms of charity work for people who are in need of a little help
and I see a lot of nodding heads when I give them this explanation.

I may explain in somewhat different words later, depending on the person engaged in "spreading the news".
These details aren't meant to be instructions, mind you, it's sharing my experience I'm up to and my interest
in your experiences regarding team-building, publications and flyering.(is that the correct term for it?)

For those of you unfamiliar with it, a little detail about the poster: the little vertical texts below are meant to be
torn off by anyone who's interested. I've cut the paper in between the tiny texts before taking the posters with
me in a small roll of size A-4.

Now that I've "covered" the neighbourhood, I also plan to spread the poster in other villages and towns, taking
a few posters with me in my bag with cellotape. I prefer to let the flyering go organically, whenever I go on a walk
or daytrip keeping in mind that the flyers are in my bag. When I find myself on the right spot I hang one up in
surrounding towns and villages.

At the same time I keep an eye on present and new members in the area where I live and (have sent them) send
them a pm to inquire about their interest for a meeting. When they're sharing an interest to explore building a team
and are ready to jump into action we may begin to work as a team and build/inspire an expanding group of awakening
people who love to merge ideas with action and who intend to walk their talk.

Before I came upon this conversation and found these synchronistic vibes, I was planning to post a request, to invite
members of this community to share their experiences in team building, the nuts and bolts, try-outs, successes
and failures both. This may develop as a team-effort in order to inspire each other and find the confidence and
opportunity to make a start. I think it's wise to do this anyway and in this conversation you're the first to know
Monday 3 July 2017, 19:34:27
morning light
Thanks, Pastinakel. I'm so new here that I don't have any information-sharing experiences to share, but I do love your approach, to have flyers with you, and then post/hang them as the spirit moves you, or as the circumstances seem to require/warrant. I love the go-with-the-flow feeling of your approach. Some of the information we get is so horrific that I have to dig deep to understand my own response to it. Am I feeling an "appropriate" level of urgency, or just flat-out fear? So it's lovely to hear about someone who tries to do things in an "organic" way (because it shows me it's possible for me to find that groove, too).... But anyway, it's a great idea to look for information on how others are doing team-building, and I hope you gets tons of responses! (And thanks for those links; looking forward to checking them out.)
Monday 3 July 2017, 22:48:22
[deleted user]
Thank you, morning light, I'm sure you're doing fine also without a team-building project, sensing your energy in between the lines here. It's a breath of fresh air
Monday 3 July 2017, 23:16:14
morning light
Wednesday 5 July 2017, 16:08:47
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