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I keep dropping printouts wherever I go of articles that [...]

Yorkton, Saskatchewan
via The Full Circle Project
I keep dropping printouts wherever I go of articles that most are not taking any time to see. Fear porn of main stream media is being swallowed in whole by the majority still where I am. It is important to attend to ones own ego and look at what vibration we are spreading as that is more important than the words ultimately. Shine a light into a room and immediately the dark disappears. I keep spreading seeds.
Spread joy energy, sharing loving thoughts and memories, realizing "close to here" is anywhere when we release from the strictures of preconception. I'm sure your seedling will sprout and grow and spread and your garden will blossom in
Saturday 27 June 2015, 16:17:40
sweet thanks. Peace and Love to you-A.
Saturday 27 June 2015, 16:18:38
Ms. Savvy
I just checked in and saw this now! Thank you for writing : ) Peace and love to you Amanda : )
Friday 8 January 2016, 13:16:52
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