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The powers that be are crumbling this mass awakening can't [...]

Washington, Tyne and Wear
via The Full Circle Project
The powers that be are crumbling this mass awakening can't be stopped , the are going to say no and the powers that be know that . Is there anyone in tyne and wear to help me get started .
sojo m
Im going to make some leaflet to help get the word out about this project can anyone help me Iin the tyne and wear area .
Friday 26 June 2015, 23:58:23
Deny anyone to take authority over you, stop paying the greedy ones(banks, governments, mega corps- opps I guess the last two are the same). Believe in your power to create and be joyous, and always share with all those you meet with an open and loving heart. It may sound simple but actually doing it sure isn't. Most of us here seem to be trying, and succeeding too. Best to you in your efforts- Love and Peace-A.
Saturday 27 June 2015, 12:30:54
Agree with your sentiment entirely Amanda. Sojo, I would be happy to help with any design elements you require, email me any time:
Sunday 28 June 2015, 21:50:17
[deleted user]
Hey sojo Hows the leaflets coming? I'd be interested in having some. Be good to leave some around town and see if there's a reaction lol
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 21:19:11
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