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UK based mainstream website containing information on the [...]


Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes
via The Full Circle Project
UK based mainstream website containing information on the roll out of 5G here in the uk..…
[deleted user]
Arqiva and Samsung to undertake first 5G Fixed Wireless Access trial in the UK..
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:32:24
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:38:12
[deleted user]
"UK businesses and MPs discuss 5G over breakfast"
from the "Industry and parliament trust" educational charity for business and parliament apparently!…
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:50:12
Just had a quick look and its got its own dedicated web site that could mean it has 1 controller and not lots of little companies mmmmmmm
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:51:25
[deleted user]
would be good to research the directors backgroud
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:52:41
Try Phillpots sounds right up his street
Monday 26 June 2017, 19:54:05
Great references Carla & Co.... as usual, thank you for making the effort. Doing a fair bit in the background too.. see where we take this to next x
Monday 26 June 2017, 21:51:37
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