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Barcelona, Catalunya
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Chase B
the humanities and science stopped talking to each other a long time. We are in essence already split in two. Some strongly believe they are better and therefore worthy.

After all this time the amount brutality without flinching to ones fellow man is staggering. We are left with binary people who can barely laugh anymore, except that emo laugh usually reserved for mental patients. trans population is what .01 percent of the global population yet it´s being blown out of proportion for nefarious reasons, same with gays, we are used pawns and don´t comprehend the long term goals, yet we are ready to slaughter each other.

Natural law is key and even with natural law I believe we can achieve amazing things. But it requires, honesty, truth and being open and receptive. That will enable the dna to open itself.

as far as inventing, is not a problem. We are creative beings. But we are following a model of none responsibility. We do not reverse engineer for any and all possibility for failure and consequences and micro manage these consequences with solutions. And mostly for what real purpose. Does it have meaning for humanity, who benefits really?

And mostly we do not even have answered the question of Who Do We Want To Be. are we a sentient loving people or become beast?
Friday 23 June 2017, 00:14:26
tony a
'Magick is a Science that you don't Understand' Aleister Crowley - Magick in Theory and Practice. Magick Science and Religion are rabbits pulled out of the same hat (a quote by me). There is no good or evil Magick there is good and bad people who use this Science!!!
Friday 23 June 2017, 07:45:04
Chase B
that is bullocks ¡ look at the blood that has been spilled for what exactly ¡ one must comprehend the end goal and not be blinded by one´s own ego ¡
Friday 23 June 2017, 11:15:18
tony a
You don't read words in the context that they were wrote that's your ego problem not mine, also I think that I know the end goal do you?, Thanks! By the way I don't disagree with a lot of what you wrote previously. I was not commenting on your remarks I was making a valid observation on our erroneous view of what Magock is!
Friday 23 June 2017, 15:41:18
Chase B
I was referring to ur statement and ur Ego. Controlled evolution at play but ur blind by itching ego that needs desperate attention. The breeding of us has happened for a long time. There is a long term goal here but u can´t see that because ur throwing mood and feeling importance.
Monday 26 June 2017, 17:08:36
tony a
Thanks for the analysis!
Tuesday 27 June 2017, 02:25:44
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