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YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK In case you haven't heard Fukushima has [...]

London, Ontario
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In case you haven't heard Fukushima has never stopped since the multiple meltdowns, melt-out, melt-through's of at least 3 reactors we know of "officially" in Japan.
Since 3/11 the site has experienced several "events" related to the hemorrhaging plants.
The latest under reported event was another major earthquake near the Fukushima site which struck land reported as a 6.8. Misleading is the fact Japan has a different scale out of 7 not 10 like the north American Richter scale. Since this happened late last year North America is experiencing levels 7 - 10 times higher than last years average.

Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases and steam at nights and on weekends so that all residents must stay inside at nights and on weekends. Especially hard hit are the cities listed in YRTW ELE. See the latest Your Radiation This Week for the most recent list of reporting contaminated cities.
-- Bob Nichols

Normal readings should be between 5 - 20 CPM
The high for this report is again in Colorado Springs CO. with 10,822 CPM total Gamma radiation

In Fayetteville, Arkansas what is laughingly called a “university” has taken up dumping radioactive water used in a reactor down the city sewer system. Beyond stupid, this is just plain old fashioned criminal.

See the chart for your area at YRTW…

To keep up with the latest news on all things nuclear including mitigation visit Nuclear Watch International at:
Remember to stay out of the rain it's dangerous out there!
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