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poisons in our food, 99% insane hollywood garbage on TV, [...]

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
via The Full Circle Project
poisons in our food, 99% insane hollywood garbage on TV, everyones connected to a tv/computer/ipad/cellphone screen but few have real human connections, insanely high house prices
Grow gardens, eat local foods whenever possible. I haven't had a TV for years and only watch movies that have 0 violence- in other words I don't watch many movies. Prices on everything are so high because the CORPORATION that is posing as our government is taxing us out of existence as the banks charge us for the use of fiat money. I talk with people wherever I go, about anything. They're surprised at first but generally open up and chat, and so far I have found that no one is happy with how things are, they just don't know how to change anything, or are afraid to. Peace and Love-A.
Tuesday 23 June 2015, 10:34:30
Hi Amanda, Its crazy to see how much of our world is controlled by people who say they care about others, but don't. I hate the fact that my family is bombarded by chemicals, and then their are ads that say the food is okay. We hear of these big companies saying that they want to give us the best, but yet they send our food to be processed in other countries to save money. And for what cost? So we can be poisoned, and big corporations and the drug companies can make another profit off our illnesses. Its disturbing to think that the bottom line is the dollar. What would these big companies and other elite people think when they have killed everyone off, and they have to clean their own mess???? Could you see someone high in power washing their own stuff? I couldn't. Great post Amanda.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 18:01:33
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