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If you recommend connections by distance then you may lose [...]

Miami, Florida
via The Full Circle Project
If you recommend connections by distance then you may lose proximity to ideas.
How so?
Monday 15 June 2015, 15:32:20
I consider our technology as a synthetic version of what we can do naturalyl
Monday 15 June 2015, 16:33:29
Mat Dowle
as the site develops there will be many ways of cross referencing ideas including tags, skills, interests, etc. The site is still quite new and there are many other features being developed.
Monday 15 June 2015, 16:53:52
I am keen on it since I dont do any other form of social networking.
Monday 15 June 2015, 17:15:18
Act locally, share globally- I always re-set the distance on this to global...
Tuesday 16 June 2015, 11:12:01
I figure the bugs are being worked out. Glad to be a beta tester.
Tuesday 16 June 2015, 17:14:58
Mikael Cromsjo
Be sure to report all bugs to us. You can use the mail form or just post it here on the board.
Friday 19 June 2015, 11:57:10
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