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I hope, that many more people come to this place [...]

Halstenbek, Schleswig-Holstein
via The Full Circle Project
I hope, that many more people come to this place to share important questions and facts concerning the world.
Especially in Germany the most people have to ask much more
and have to be very watchful.
But i think, the community will grow around the world.
Also in Germany
I know that these few words perhaps are not very big or intelligent.
But I'm simply happy to see, that there is so much movement in the whole world about many many subjects.
It's so difficult to find people "on the street" or wherever and talk about
some "problems" in the world.
I believe, this website could be a big help.

Thank you for this site!

Many greetings to all here from North-Germany!
Mat Dowle
Thank you! We hope to have the site translated into German soon which I hope will help grow the community there in Germany.
Tuesday 9 June 2015, 21:46:42
welcome to T he full circle.
Tuesday 9 June 2015, 22:33:10
And i thank you!. I think, there will be much more very interisting people here in the future. Hopeful wishes to all of us :o)
Saturday 13 June 2015, 13:25:41
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