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Oshawa, Ontario
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i, Dean of the family Kory, the biological father of my offspring, am under extream duress as a direct result of threats, coercion and undue influence forced upon my family by the criminal actions of Police and Child Protection Services (C.A.S.) They have conspired under color-of-law and presumption of authority to commit the most heinous of acts. These "service providers" did unlawfully and without my consent arrest me and kidnap my daughter Calie to which I'm the legitimate and lawful care-giver with superior guardianship rights to by birthright, as they used intimidation tactics, threatening me with violence, removing my daughter from my care. My wish is to have my day in court and receive remedy. My daughter, a gift from God called "Calie Amanda Jean Kory," needs to be returned to her father. It is certainly no seceret how fathers are treated so unfairly in family court and i and my daughter have unfortunately become victims of the corruption of this crule defacto court system. i hope to be able to bring this matter forward in such a way that also brings about positive change not only in our situation but for all families facing these same complex issues. i have been facing the courts alone without help for several years now and i have a progressing disability that keeps me from working and providing for myself or to cover the surmounting court costs associated. The corrupt powers that be have seen fit to disreputablely cut off all finacial assistance so that i can no longer cover even the basic necessities of life let alone continue with court actions. They have caused serious finacial hardship for me in an obviously deliberate attempt to keep me from exposing their crimes or receiving justice and remedy so I'm now placed in a most difficult position where i need to ask for help. i have never asked for finacial help in the past and although this is the most humbling undertaking ever on my part, this is my only hope to "Afford Justice," as crazy as that sounds, and be able to reconnect with my daughter and repair all the damadge that has been done. Your understanding and support is appreciated beyond measure , Thank You! I have made my life an open book here on facebook, you only have to scroll my page history to read about what the "authorities" have done to my life to try and stop me from exposing their crimes. I dedicate many hours a day 7 days a week to researching and posting all that I can sharing my story and others stories who are in the same boat...yes this is real!...I have been cut off financial assistance, denied health care and I have been targeted by corrupt police, assaulted and framed on bogus charges and unlawfully jailed for my efforts...I have over 1600 people on my friends list on facebook that have been following my posts for well over 2 years now and it was suggested to me by one of them to put together this donation site and humbly ask for help. I didn't come to this deciesion lightly to ask for donations, it's hard to face the reality that some things you just can't do on your own. I am lucky to have some very caring, understanding and generous friends in my circle who have gone out of their way to do what they can to help me and they have provided me with shelter and food when they can afford to. I'm currently living in an 8x12 insulated shed with heat , hydro and wifi, no running water or bathroom, no kitchen but I am safe and warm. My devotion to my daughter and to bringing about positive change in the Family Court System and Judicial System as a whole for the benefit of all families going through this simalar struggle is my ultimate goal here. Please help in any way you can...and again ...Thank You! - Dean
Wednesday 25 February 2015, 21:03:57
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