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Bashar - "....If you know that it is a habit, [...]

Koszalin, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
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Bashar - "....If you know that it is a habit, it is not a habit. ... It is a choice... that gives you the power to change it..."…
shockingly honest just as necessary:) thank you Rob
Sunday 29 January 2017, 20:05:22
That's right! It's not really a habit if you decide to do it...if you try and stop however, and you can't well then that is a different story!
Monday 30 January 2017, 18:34:06
thank you
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 16:28:49
words are magic, sometime a great spirit who know how to use them is soooo powerful! He gave me agood laugh! thank you!
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 03:33:45
Laugh? This is is something unexpected for me;)
Thursday 2 February 2017, 17:51:03
[deleted user]
lol Rob, you're deadly serious sometimes
Friday 3 February 2017, 10:59:23
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