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Towards a Free Independent Media We know geopolitics controls media and [...]

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Towards a Free Independent Media

We know geopolitics controls media and that a free media must be free of geopolitics. The banking system is corrupt at its core, money is created from debt used to enslave us. There is no possibility of a better world free from wars until we are free of the money system and can meet our needs in community without it.

This we know, as well that the political world is a dangerous charade, its antidote is non-compliance and taking back our own power of self-initiative, self-responsible living and in cooperation with others, such as here in Ubuntuplanet.

This is a transition time. Can a new media and economy be created and exist alongside a corrupt one?

A first step is a free and independent media, essential for a free (democratic) and independent society to function. It becomes the opener for creating a free monetary system and for people who want to participate in self-governing communities.

An independent networked media service that is rooted locally and serves a national and global free people must come from within the free citizens movement and be accessible to the public. It must self-fund its startup and function free of the current money system if is to succeed.
Jonathan Shackleton
Well said and yes a True media can run at the same time As things start developing we will see a massive movement over the coming Months, so we'll need that interaction.

Sunday 29 January 2017, 15:14:12
Neil Warren
I specialise in having started the evolution of interactive business communications, such that "free media" is NOT only journalists and media owners, but rather "us", speaking freely and for £-free, linking to and working with each other, regardless of our specialisations, and so that we are all "journalists" now, as well as "consumers" - where that needs translating into "Contributors who eat, live, breathe, think and do their own dog food".

Current email chain has also now included another coeo group leader = Louise Sutton (in her own words)...

Louise Sutton
Jan 27 (4 days ago)

to me, Parmjit, Adam, Michelle, Sean
Hello All. good to meet you via Parmjit. Let me know if I can be of further service in any way.
regards, Louise

FCP coordinator

And the copy-paste of my reply just sent on yet another discussion involving whether we could-should-will also resurrect and evolve lawfulbank where I spent 5,000-plus-personal-hours helping us, reads as follows (missing the tear jerker about not sending my adult daughter a birthday card):

Neil Warren <>
1:26 PM (15 minutes ago)

to Michelle, Claire, Sean, Adam, Anna, Anthony, Parmjit, Margaret, Louise, Malachy, Inness
These are jigsaw pieces. You will not be able to put them together. Just read-think across them, and we can maybe decide if we want me to phone Roger Hayes or start again or what...

Business Telegraph - pretty picture of rural England citing a NatWest (criminal) survey of farming opportunities after Brexit.

Some French prat called Mustier in charge of an Italian bank called UniCredit laying off 14,000 (potential whistle-blowers cum converts) and still wanting access to another €13Bn of fraud. See Warren-Kendra toilet humour about "musty undercarriage" and "swamp-crack".

Surge in demand for cheap Bank of England fraud = £100Bn of crime top up already my life.

Record construction levels in the UK's regional cities (no mention of hempcrete, at all).

US lifts ban on PureCircle sweetener after slavery claim.

And the Big One (focus now)....

Inline image 1…

The Government is preparing to defend the UK’s declining maritime industry against the rise of cheap foreign shippers which threaten to price British seafarers out of the North Sea.

Transport minister John Hayes has assured industry groups that his department will begin a review of minimum wage rules this week amid growing fears that the rock-bottom rates paid by foreign operators are undercutting UK workers.

In a letter to trade body Nautilus, seen by the Daily Telegraph, Mr Hayes said: “I am determined to see more UK seafarers employed and to be able to compete fairly for jobs, particularly for those jobs working on vessels operating out of UK ports or operating in UK waters.”

Fears over the unfair competition faced by UK mariners were reignited last year after vessels owned by an India-based firm were detained in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth after failing to pay their crew the Indian national minimum wage of around £2 an hour for over four months.

The Malayviya 7, which last year was chartered by BP and Premier Oil, was detained twice in the second half of last year and is believed to have been abandoned by its owners over the unpaid fees.

Maritime trade group Nautilus said that the UK’s shipping industry cannot afford to compete with the prices offered by firms from Asia which is spurring the decades long decline for the sector.

The Malayviya 7, from India, was detained twice in the second half of last year for failing to pay its crew CREDIT: JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY IMAGES

“For an island nation that relies on ships and seafarers for 95pc of its trade, it is deeply disturbing to see such a dramatic decline in the pool of maritime expertise,” a spokesman for Nautilus said.

“British seafarers are being priced off the sea because of the unfair competition that is posed by the use of low-cost foreign crews in our waters. We don’t allow people to work in our factories to be paid Indian wages – why should we allow seafarers working exclusively in our waters to be paid at those rates? Employment rights should not stop at the shoreline.”

The UK’s shipping industry has suffered a 22pc decline in the total number of certificated officers over the past decade. The historic decline is even more marked: the number of UK seafarers working at sea was 33,670 in 1977 and is now 23,060.

Nautilus claims further decline is inevitable unless action is taken.

Overall, the total supply of UK officers in 2026 is expected to be 7pc lower than in 2016 and the supply of deck and engine officers is projected to fall by more than 30pc in this period.

A spokesman for Department for Transport said: “We want a successful UK maritime industry so our nation is best placed to benefit from the expected doubling in world sea trade by 2030.

“Our seafarers are rightly recognised for their training and expertise and we are launching a review to see how we can help the sector thrive.”

1) Roger Hayes is a Master Mariner.

2) Brian Gerrish bores for Britain with his knowledge of Military Maritime

3) They both must have some sort of leverage with Nautilus, to add to the people they meet in The George in Plympton or Tescos etc., everywhere.

4) Roger Hayes has dug more deeply than anyone he knows into law in all its forms, as has Simon Goldberg / Mark Moxom and the Freemen and Common Law specialists, sorting out for example the different Maritime and Land (and God's Holy) laws and jurisdictions. Roger might also be distantly related to the current Transport Minister John Hayes, with a bit of (bad) luck.

5) Mike Robinson also has views on both maritime and land laws and politics and economics and stuff, and ought by now to be able to agree that THIS (or THAT) example does indeed affect him and his family, friends, neighbours, money-currency he-they use, and for how much longer they won't be doing that then?

6) UK Column / British Constitution Group / Anthony Carlin group-chat-series coming right up, explaining why they fell out so badly in years gone by, but why they also now all simultaneously see the light and truth and way ahead, with MASSIVE popular support from the likes of us lot. Michelle's proviso that not one of them better be thinking about being the Alt-boss, to be seriously considered at last, or they too can have one of her verbal wet-slaps, which sting a bit, imho
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 13:43:35
Neil Warren
From private messages and just before I log out to go fix Mum's garden gate latch and recycle some glass and top up my tobacco tax contributions (HUGE!), and just in case Christine can't drive this sophisticated multi-media platform (yet), here's some more potential (and yes, Jonathan-Both, if you can drive Wordpress please do also type-say something:

Christine R
Monday 30 January 2017, 15:28:11
Hi there Neil I/m Christine Reynolds and I signed up in the hope that we can get a community started un here in the North East. My husband and a few others started World Peace Tyneside a few years ago so this fits right into that phylosophy. You sound like my type pf person who cares about humanity and thought it may be good just to link up as you may know people in our part of the world, I often hear of people who now live in other parts of the country that come form here so you can remind them of this goup and I will do the same for you. I havent done my profile yet but I am a holistic practitioner and I know I will be able to help more people as they WAKE UP!!
Look forward to sharing ideas. Take care

Neil Warren
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 14:00:38
Thanks Christine, and if you can add that comment to this effort by "The Johnathans", that will help too:…

Neil Warren
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 14:06:08
Bernicia and Deira (and Rogue Males) also North East (British Isles) peace and prosperity (Universal Community Trust) seekers and doers, so if you or Mr R also have a Wordpress profile (or can make one and use it), please do also type-say something on the comments here:…
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 14:10:36
Jonathan Shackleton
This is something that is being addressed and that's partly thanks to Jonathan (the other one). Just got to set the ball rolling on our UK foundations then we'll have more time to look at the press issues and some other media work but it will come naturally. Thanks again Neil for your feedback and constant support it's refreshing.
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 14:52:13
@Neil - "free media" is ... rather "us", speaking freely and for £-free, linking to and working with each other ... we are all "journalists" now, as well as "consumers"

Thanks I agree and this is exactly what I am recognising.

The fullcircleproject is another very encouraging clear vision of what goes with the above, community.

Here is one source of people journalists sharing news.

Doesn't Britain really need one like it or similar?
Thursday 2 February 2017, 21:33:54
Jonathan Shackleton
Nexus is great a real abundance of true news that we can all use or even create a similar platform. Taking us all away from the main stream fake news and utter rubbish from the Murdoch empire. You know taxes are paid to feed this system thus we need that economic change to stop feeding a treacherous machine.
Friday 3 February 2017, 11:40:38
Neil Warren
I'm assuming you're the same (just) "Jonathan" joining in on RogueMale mortgage 600 words = we're busy and getting our land and properties back should speed up media evolution a bit.

Nexus I liked and used a couple of times too (tesla v einstein?) - and given that I've launched and (co-) published more print mags than the rest of us put together, including a flying start online from 2006, I hope we are also agreeing that it's when the "expert article writers" are also our offline community members, all eating our own theories as well as facts, that we'll really start to experience our personal changes / "fruits of our labours"?

Habitually I'd stay logged in to the likes of us here, connecting jigsaw pieces, 24-7-365 (sleeping when necessary and also noting that I'm off for a free beer and game of free-poker-chips now). If this is "all UK" circle though, target 1 might be to get 100 x 100 GB XX postal zones = 10,000 profiles up and running and familiar with communicating with each other. Out of that, we might then make more sense of what "one small town" looks like, and where it is happening via which "experts" in what, communicating offline as well how, and where else if so, and so what to call that linked-circle, and so on.

I remain hopeful that Mat Dowle will spot this as we evolve, and help us to evolve in harmony-unity etc., albeit that we are unique and self-realised humans of the normal "annoyingly different" variety (lots of) we always were-are-will be.
Friday 3 February 2017, 17:16:42
Jonathan Shackleton
Hi Neil, Good points and all this will come together especially via the UK website with some great information on personal skill sets and who's who. Obviously this will be mainly core members then there will be, coming soon, a forum so everyone can contribute.

Some have more time than others and others actually don't use the internet, they find it restricts them - which it can. Everyone will also be able to gain updates on who's doing what, especially worldwide. Michael will be over in the first part of this year too, so we'll be having a conference or two, even workshops were possible.
Saturday 4 February 2017, 11:00:12
Neil Warren
CYM =, otherwise, noting the dates and having explored what you can of the 5,000 hours I put into, including /ubuntu evolutions and people, I hope this copy-paste of an email just sent, explains why I might be hesitant to join and start using a separate-from-coeo / new Alt-Uk Ubuntu, if that's what I'm understanding you to be building, Jonathan?...

Neil Warren <>
2:40 PM (6 minutes ago)

to Michelle, Malik, Sean, Anthony, Parmjit, Adam, Shaid
Phn txt tells me a CYM <-> Sean meet happening this evening. Excellent.

I'm trying to get some voice time with you in an hour or so when the phone re-charges, Sean.

Higham Ferrers visited in the meantime, and the whole St Mary's church complex, not to mention the village, ripe for awakening and bursting into money-free abundant peace and prosperity - as with every other village funeral I have done over the last 2.5 years.

It's not only the Mum thing that puts me off though (day time preferred with me back to assist catering by 5pm, no ifs or buts), it's also the memory of at least 4 x 10-hour round trips to The Wirral, beating heart of the Lawful Banking and Alt-currency campaigns, 2013-14. One got cancelled as I hit the Birmingham area, by the unflappable Roger Hayes himself, so that doesn't count. But the last was 5-hours up, getting there about an hour before Roger - 1-2 hours of "the killer presentation" to people (mostly) who had registered an interest or entered personal contact details on LawfulBank both static and interactive versions, as much hectoring with as many as I could communicate with to please learn how to sustain online-assisted communications, and then Roger announces he must get back to the family, runs away, and I drive 5 hours back to Bedford = AFTER I was already homeless - penniless, to try to explain to Mum / anyone else why I get a bit frustrated dealing with people who have not really so far grasped the merits of even pen and paper, let alone morse-code by pigeon, or Death by Bullet-Point PowerPoints, let alone an interactive forum with self-sovereign profiles. Roger's unseemly scrabble to gather up the £30-£50 left on the front table still makes me wince.

If you-Sean and whoever-CYM do start to co-create a plan that works for at least you (plural), and includes what you already know I believe we (all) need, or even a viable stepping-stone something, I do trust your-Sean intellect and sense of "fair" and the rest (basic laws, do no harm, take no shit), and so feel happy enough to have you - including Shaid - Malik, re-explain whatever to me, (and us) should it survive the stage 1 business plan interrogation (and torture).
Monday 6 February 2017, 14:47:18
Jonathan Shackleton
Hi Neil, I'm far away from looking into lawful banking and think those who have the skills should lead or at least brainstorm some ideas. You, Simon and others have put a lot of time and effort in so i'm sure you're all better schooled than I to look at such a venture.

I know, website wise, Michael wants all Country websites to be very similar in design and look - this is our social hangout so to speak for us all worldwide. The websites are going to be focused on projects, latest news, email correspondence and so forth. So that each Country can not only see what other Countries are doing but they can also add live content.

As you can imagine this all couldn't be tasked to just one or even two people. There are also the events in the UK and some specific conferences up and down the Country. This will provide new videos and audio content that will be uploaded onto the site, as well as a newsletter i hope many of us will contribute to. This is what's been asked for and many want to see a lot more of so the communication lines are open.

It's also inspiring as we can meet in groups as well as through video conferencing to enable that team spirit. Then you can easily have break off groups who look at Finance, Projects, Media, Conferences, Training and such forth. This is going to take a very dynamic team not just here, in the UK, but allover the world. Fund raising then comes into its own especially if you have experienced hands, as well as transparency.

Monday 6 February 2017, 16:42:08
Neil Warren
What I just said to Drea...…

Plus another panel from this morning's email chain, ref Events offline, only without the helpful illustrations / screen-shots...

Neil Warren <>
12:22 PM (20 minutes ago)

to Michelle, Sean, Adam, Parmjit, Anthony, Anna, Shaid, Malik
Geotech urls need work, as does the Noughties forum style, imho, but I'm NOT against whatever and indeed "keep it simple stupid", avoiding "they're all dumbasses" land.

YOU (anyone) just need to picture a) yourself and b) your 1,000 nearest and dearest living and breathing it, as your landing ground and default comms-for-everything = 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for me, plus fb and LinkedIn fishing time...…

"Carl-NC" doesn't cut it, trust-wise, either (and is this actually him pictured?), albeit that we know to agree with him about these spam-binning-troll-hosting email provider lists - so securing our email address = "in-house" list, might also be a must-have (and only 3,200 posts since 2005!? Lazy-assed mf)...

Carl-NC's AvatarCarl-NC Carl-NC is offline
Join Date
Feb 2005
Default I Can't Register... Why?
I Can't Register... Why?

Due to the growing number of spammers, I've had to tighten registration a bit. You MUST provide a valid email address, and registration will not be completed until you receive an email with a verification link. You need to complete the verification process in order to post; be sure to check your "spam" box if you don't get the verification email pretty much immediately. Unverified registrations are automatically deleted after 3 days.

Also, because many "free" email accounts have been the overwhelming choices of spammers, I have banned registration using a number of email services:
*.ru many more.

Think also of the need for web-based pre-registration at #TGBMS, for example. Back in 2010, James Ormiston was explaining that they can know when you're within a mile / whatever, with your wi-fi-dumb, portable-possible phone, and have your ticket ready and waiting, printing out your WELCOME!! profile from the database, and therefore with self-sovereign profile-picture, as Michelle is suggesting...

Inline image 1

One small step to a local-Trust-currency, from there, if needed, and still imho...

Inline image 2 (photos of Ubuntu Promissory Note / Ithaca Hours currency notes / Ubuntu People's Bank with Michael's face).

​You'll be most pissed off when you have had verbal offline commitments from 10 people, that THE first thing they're going to do when they get home, is to build and start using a Trust-Links profile, with you, and then only 5, or actually none of them do - ever.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 12:45:31
Yes that was me on Rogue news.

This issue of real news network media is exciting, publicly accessible and independent - of any one group or any regular corporate channel.

I feel the work to be done I could help with is creating, and / or promoting existing, independent citizen journalist driven news network media, with a national focus.

Highlighting existing media could be on home pages of leading Ubuntu related sites (widget column), even include RSS feeds if appropriate. What do you think?

Basically a role here could be to get behind what already exists and drive attention to them for people to become aware of and get real news access.

Scotland had one that really worked well during their referendum, the "UK" not. It needs to be a balance between soft real news and deep state, if you know what I mean.

Nexus, The People's Voice, CryForFreedom radio, what else is out there realistically?
Thursday 9 February 2017, 17:38:57
When your mind is on something it seems you find it everywhere.
"Conscious Media" is becoming the Occupy Movement's latest upgrade.

Why Conscious Media Is So Important…
Thursday 9 February 2017, 20:31:01
Jonathan Shackleton
Excellent conversation and yes what is out there in reality - Nexus is great and probably one of the best, also check out David Ward The Slog, brilliant. Cryfreedomradio is superb as is Bastion Radio, i know both parties very well.

We must as a collective start writing and sharing truth this will bring about real change.

As you've guessed i'm back from the wilderness
Friday 10 February 2017, 17:33:49
@Jonathan S: Thanks for the links to The Slog and Bastion Radio

@Everyone: Here are some latest post samples:

This one is by Jonathan S:

The Rule of Law: does it exist anymore…

The Price of Being Human…

Amateur radio prototype but very interesting content, with an ex-Green Party Councillor

The True Face of Society - America, Britain and Europe on Get Real News…
Saturday 11 February 2017, 13:43:24
Neil Warren
I just copy-pasted your Price of Being Human summary, Jonathan, with the thought that "...Family Eveleigh or Shackleton is going nowhere, slowly, until it actually witnesses and works with interactive online-with-offline profiles of other Real People, doing the same (and next person who calls either me or Anna "too wordy" gets a slap round the face with a wet cod)..." onto this morning's introduction to Rogue Money contributor Harley, copy-pasting again 'cos I have a £20 coffin carry to see to as well:


Michelle Boyle
9:49 AM (3 hours ago)

to Harley, me, Sean, Anthony, Adam, Anna, Parmjit, Malik, shaid
Many thanks Harley for your reply and have taken the liberty of copying in a few of the group members of which I spoke.

Neil is an expert in most, if not all, areas of communication to do skype and Sean has his finger on the pulse also. I know from your interviews with V you live near/around Berlin so are not that far from UK, there are also a couple of the group who live in Spain and Anna is in America. It would be great to be in touch at any time.

The so called good guys were not that good it would seem, same old same old; but think we are all starting to realise we don't need so much of the money to be heard nor does anyone need the general propaganda main stream media prestitutes (as Gerald Celente calls them) to tell us what they want us to know versus reality.

Do you know if Soros is being protected by any anyone other than a deamon as this guy needs taken down, have heard one of his sons is in Berkley - possibly overseeing his father's mo? Am beginning to wonder if he has also bought the justice system in many parts as it seems they are incapable of applying the law especially as it is now well known he has his fingers in many countries elections/revolutions etc including whats going on in America as was a supporter of Clinton. Lets hope other countries follow Hungary (his native country) and kick out all so called NGOs he is linked to - that would be a good start.

Look forward to keeping in touch in any case, but especially as events unfold.


Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 8:43 PM
From: "Harley Schlanger" <>
To: "Michelle Boyle"
Dear Michelle,

Thanks for your email.

Yes, the evils we face are not nameless, and you have identified several of the worse -- HSBC, RBS, and Santander. Add in Deutschebank, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Paribas, and these are protected by the governments which they own. That's why not a single banker went to jail for the thefts of homes which you described in your email.

Please feel free to circulate the weekly reports I'm doing with Rogue Money to other members of your group. I am doing a lot these days, many of which end up on YouTube, which you can find under my name.

I think we are reaching a turning point, with Brexit, the Trump election, and the growing movement in Europe against the EU and Euro. The "good guys" mostly gave up, and many of them began taking money from Wall Street. Now, it's up to people like you, to stand up and be heard, to say the things that need to be said. I have been doing this for 40 years. I now see a growing movement worldwide against the banksters.

Remember the words of the great English poet, Percy Shelley -- "We are many, they are few" -- we just don't have the money, or the media, but we do have the truth.

If you would be interested at some time in doing a skype hookup with your group with me, let me know. I am in Europe now (near Berlin), and would be happy to speak to some good people in the UK!

Thanks again for your note,
Harley Schlanger

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 12:49 PM, Michelle Boyle wrote:
Hi Harley, am a follower of your interviews on Rogue Money - and am so encouraged by what you and V plus his other guests have to say, it is such a breath of fresh air even though the situation is far from stable.

There are a lot of groups around the UK (I live in Northern Ireland) who are aware of what is going on though are concentrating on the fraud being perpitrated on the public via banks and mortgages - i.e. a lot of people have had their homes and businesses stolen, two of the main culprets being RBS and most recently HSBOS. The group I am in contact with can't wait for the system to collapse and in our opinion would be best if got rid of ALL fiat currency, bankgsters and governments as they seem to serve only themselves and not the people. In Northern Ireland a serving police officer tried to make a citizens arrest of a corrupt judge re his case with the Spanish bank Santandare - the Atorney General ended up sentensing the guy to prison - this guy is one of our group and is now involved in Commonlaw.NI - needless to say his colleagues did not come to his aid, or further up the chain so, like everywhere else, no one can rely on the rule of law as it seems it no longer exists. Is there any chance the system will ever work for the people?

Unfortunately the political situation in the UK is full of the same low life as in USA, plus here in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland is much the same (one would have thought they would be a little wiser). My question is why are these low life excuses for human beings being allowed to continue with their skulduggery and why are the good guys, so to speak, not giveing them the order of the boot? The laws are already there to deal with these people so why are they not being applied? If it were any of the reset of us it would have happened immediately - seriously can't work that one out.
Monday 13 February 2017, 13:32:35
Neil Warren
Parmjit thinks: Parmjit Nahil
12:32 PM (1 hour ago)

to me, Michelle, Harley, Sean, Anthony, Adam, Anna, Malik, Shaid
Welcome aboard Harley! Thanks Michelle for digging out another gold nugget.

Have just been listening with interest to your latest SGT report interview.

I welcome any form of regulation with respect to banks and encouraging protectionist policies for local people rather than the so-called 'free trade' protectionist measures that the big boys hide behind to the detriment of the rest of us and the planet.

However dealing with symptoms can mean that we are fooled into thinking we are cured when actually the thing that is wrong is the fact there are derivatives, interest on lending and so on. Do we want to continue within a system of trade that puts profit before resources of it's people and resources of the planet?

The myth of our banking system is just one set of misinformation that we have all been misled into accepting through our controlled education and media. Other assumptions have been drip fed to us: our economic system has a sound basis, our health system is about keeping us healthy, evolution is how we came to be here, the legal system is about men who understand big words, free energy is an alternative form of energy and has limitations. No. Wrong every time.

Now we are like flies trapped within a web of lies and the only real form of escape is to overturn these sets of assumptions and be allowed to live abundantly in a system that allows for natural laws and unimaginable new technologies. That's why I like the Ubuntu movement. Neil has sent you links about it.

So welcome anyway and here's hoping we somehow manage to turn the world the right way up again.

Monday 13 February 2017, 13:34:01
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