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Los Angeles, California
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Video made by Eric Dubay about FLAT EARTH. Exposing the lie we've been taught to believe our entire lives.

In actuality our Earth is a stationary Flat Plane with a dome ceiling, called the FIRMAMENT. This knowledge is written in the Bible and all ancient cultures have references to it. The FIRMAMENT holds in place and contains the stars that rotate around and above us, holding everything, ALL LIFE, including the sun and the moon, within itself, like an egg. The egg is the perfect example of the life inside being protected by its outer shell, similar to the FIRMAMENT containing our planet and all of us inside its invisible shell. Life cannot exist on the surface of an egg shell, in the same way we cannot be living on the surface of a planet that is a sphere, which is spinning a thousand miles an hour hurling through empty space, speeding around the sun. It is not only illogical but impossible.

Please watch and leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!!
Thank you!!!!
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