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FCP in touch with Greg Paul about the launch of [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
FCP in touch with Greg Paul about the launch of The Sovereign's Way Academy which he plans to introduce here in this upcoming seminar on 29th January.…
Info on the seminar as follows:

The time of the great divide is here – each of us feel the cracks widen each day. What realities await us are determined by how we actually show up, and the Truthfulness of the choices we make and actions we take. Nothing less and nothing more.

Relationship is everything – how we interact with each other and the things around us determines our entire reality. In this second Sovereignty Seminar we take a deep dive into how to maintain, develop and enhance your balanced loving power and true sovereign authority through the plethora of relationships life offers (primary relationships, colleagues, friends, children, even our relationship to life itself).

In the Seminar we will be covering:

• The importance of sovereign relationships
• Identifying non-sovereign relationship dynamics
• Understanding the energetic source code of human dynamics
• Mapping energetic causes of personal imbalances
• Transcending the feeder:food dynamic
• Making better choices
• Setting boundaries
• The art of sovereign primary relationships
• Transforming your primary relationship from slavery to sovereignty
• Honouring sovereignty of children
The sovereignty seminars
If you’re interested in learning more about these critical aspects of true authentic sovereign embodiment in a supportive community environment, don't miss Greg Paul and this second Sovereignty Seminar on 29th January 2017, 1pm Eastern time US. We will be gathering with like-minded/hearted people from around the world, united by the call to collectively step into our true authentic sovereign embodiment.

For more info and tickets see here :…
Tuesday 24 January 2017, 20:48:44
Tuesday 24 January 2017, 20:49:49
sounds really good!
Saturday 28 January 2017, 03:07:48
Update for the above seminar 29th Jan 1PM NEW YORK / 6PM LONDON / 5AM (30TH) SYDNEY…
Saturday 28 January 2017, 16:11:09
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