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Hi to all. I'm leader of Community Manas, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In our community we are working and creating with same or similar values as Ubuntu Planet for years.

I was following Ubuntu discussion and articles about flat Earth and I decided that I too contribute some of my knowledge to it.
As first: we must ask ourselves about which Earth we are talking about. Namely (now) there are two Earths in our reality: hologram Earth and True Earth. We also have two Suns: hologram sun and True Sun.

I hear some of you saying: “Yea, right!” Truth is sometimes even more crazy than science fiction. Let’s go little back in time.

Approximately 100 years ago the Omniverse Supreme Council calculated that Humanity on Earth will bring itself and planet Earth very quickly, sooner than was expected, to very dangerous situation of annulation of everything that exists. And because of that, there was a need for seeking out solution for disaster to come. First short-term solution for our Universe was to bring Earth to partial quarantine, and other long-term solution anticipated plan for Rescuing Humanity and Earth.

Year 1955 representatives of 46 Galaxies united into Galactic Confederation have agreed and decided that something has to be done regarding planet Earth which was because of destructive nature of people and its nuclear experiments, put into complete quarantine with help of isolation shell.

“And way was quarantine even necessary?” – I hear your question.

Frequent underground nuclear experiments created huge amount of atomic and subatomic particles, which intensify electric force of magma and because of this, positive and negative forces in atmosphere increased. In this way Earth and Sky, as two separated masses, start to attract each other with stunning speed. That elicited not only depression and quick rise of negative aspects of humanity on our planet but also jeopardize Universal balance. Therefore members of Galactic Confederation ask that Earth should be put into temporarily quarantine until an appropriate way would be found to save planet Earth, not braking element of human free will.

Because this required enormous quantity of work to be done on several areas, recourses and knowledge, they turn for help throughout entire Omniverse. We must not forget that time on Earth and in Universe runs differently and it took some earthly years that properly trained personnel did all necessary analyses and measurements and forwarded them to Supreme Council of Galactic Federation. Report was disasters. Our beautiful Earth, because of people that live on it and are destroying it, is decaying and our Sun is dying much, much faster than was first anticipated.

To be continued…
Nic G
Where did you get that knowledge?
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 13:20:18
Thank you for question. Acasha records, level IX, Constitution of Galactic Confederation, page 387, paragraph that is talking about Milky Way Galaxy, indent Planet Earth.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 20:18:55
that sounds about right. yes exactly what Arcturians, Pleiadians and everyone else are telling us.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 23:34:49
I never heard of Ubuntu though.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 23:36:54
[deleted user]
Their another group who use this platform. Its based on a guy called Michael Tellinger. From my observations Ubuntu are gaining popularity fast lately in the Uk
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 23:45:29
[deleted user]
There's an Ubuntu program too, an alternative for Windows, Apple, etc. That's a whole different cup of tea
Thursday 26 January 2017, 10:21:07
The inhabitants of the Lyra constellation were peaceful and very good to each other. So much so that they didn't recognize there existed evil. Thus they were attacked by the entities from a different constellation and destroyed. (I wasn't there, but that's what I heard)
Thursday 26 January 2017, 11:48:56
That's the case with alot of the galactics is why they have a federation. One real goid reason why Earthlings are having so much trouble is that nobody in these galaxies can stoop low enough to the Elitist level to battle them out because the galaxies are relatively peaceful.
In order to catch them you gotta think like them in other words and that's a challenge to do because being peaceful takes a certain mindset. And beings that go to war with the elitist must keep in mind that they may not be the same person before the war and striving not only for peace of the nation but inner peace also is very challenging. At the end of the war they may live around or with beings that have known peace they whole life.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 13:56:05
[deleted user]
Wow! What kind of fish you fishing with that story?…
Thursday 26 January 2017, 17:27:44
[deleted user]
Here are two parts, from different sessions, from Book I The Law of One channeled messages. It's related to the comment shared by Didgevillage, about the absence in Lyra beings' awarenesses of evil forces, of service to self that is destructive to life:

(Quote) "Questioner: Can you tell me what bias creates the momentum towards the chosen path of service to self?

Ra: I am Ra. We can speak only in metaphor. Some love the light. Some love the darkness. It is a matter of the unique and infinitely various Creator choosing and playing among its experiences as a child upon a picnic. Some enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and glow with the joy of creation. Some find the night delicious, their picnic being pain, difficulty, sufferings of others, and the examination of the perversities of nature. These enjoy a different picnic. All these experiences are available. It is the free will of each entity which chooses the form of play, the form of pleasure.
Questioner: Yesterday we were talking about the split that occurs when an entity either consciously or unconsciously chooses the path that leads to
either service to others or service to self. The philosophical question of why such a split even exists came up. It was my impression that just as it is in
electricity, if we have no polarity in electricity we have no electricity; we have no action. Therefore, I am assuming that it is the same in consciousness. If we have no polarity in consciousness we also have no action or experience. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. You may use the general term “work.”

Questioner: Then the concept of service to self and service to others is mandatory if we wish to have work, whether it be work in consciousness or work of a mechanical nature in the Newtonian concept in the physical. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct with one addendum. The coil, as you may understand this term, is wound, is potential, is ready. The thing that is missing without polarizing is the charge"(end of quote).
Thursday 26 January 2017, 17:38:58
[deleted user]
service to others = service to self
Thursday 26 January 2017, 17:43:20
[deleted user]
Oh, by the way, if you wish to study The Law of One, the 5 books are free PDF downloads, present in our www.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 17:43:22
[deleted user]
Polarity is created to get motion and harvest effort. 'where two fight , the third counts benefit" ore "divide and conquer" Wake up and ask what it is that you need? If you believe in light it is because of darkness, if you believe in joy it is because of sadness and if you believe in God it is because of the Devil. So How about stop dreaming and pay attention to what you need, what is life around you and how to make life more wonderful ? Polarity is illusion, because one can not exist with out other and both are each others evidence of existence both are imaginary if you choose to believe. I suggest don't, watch out for your self and your loved ones cooperate on necessities for life .
Thursday 26 January 2017, 17:53:16
[deleted user]
By stating "service to others=service to self" you are bypassing the reality of our present polarity consciousness in 3D, the dimension our physical bodies are immersed in, most of the time. In our now. There's this dynamic in polarity and the forces related to it, similar to the movement of the yin and yang energies,
that is the cause of creation and manifestation, physically and energetically, Sylvester. You seem to be engrossed in antics of your mind's windmills that are,
as I perceive it, alien to our physical aspect in our existence on planet Earth, as I perceive it. How so "I suggest don't, watch out for your self and your loved ones cooperate on necessities for life"? To be succesful in that you need to be aware of the dynamics of where you focus your attention, based on intention aka the choice to be of service to self or to be of service to others. And I"m not bypassing the end result of both being the same. It's all about the starting point you choose.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 18:38:33
[deleted user]
Forgive me, Sylvester, if I've been pretty fierce in my former comment. I may be closer to your point of view than it seems, according the windmills of my mind.
I'm reminded by myself, that I'm supposed to have a break from activities here. Is this service to self or service to others, you think? I'm not kidding now, but there's humour in this, depending on from which point of view that service is observed and labeled. Mine or the members here lol
Thursday 26 January 2017, 19:16:27
Thursday 26 January 2017, 20:14:22
[deleted user]
It is a web site and here we communicate. Every person on his planet do everything for self fulfilling intention. Honesty about the t we call sincereness because what we all can sense. Imagination has no limits at all and our talks about how to serve life how to make life more wonderful, that only what has significance and everything else is: a sin, distraction, get lost, get hurt and suffer. any moment if you sense suffer around people it is because of the sin. Sin and suffer has no address it just hurts some where some of us. It is nothing dangerous about chatting out our brains off for fun, test the limits, play ... I see this place as opportunity here to met each other for a life serving cause for all of us. Stories are for people like ball for a dog it can help it always run after. How did you have got here ? probably listen to Max Igan(?) ore talker like that, it has to be touched your heart some how to come here and I would like you to share your experiences . real ones not imaginary. Obvious to me we share only observe able reality and trying to gently hold on together not get in to dreams of imagination. I want you to be here for me to keep me awake to watch my back, that I do not drown in to entertaining stories, rivers of believe... We have got enslaved by imagination solution to keep each other awake back to what serves life what do we need how to help. I know those mind riddles are working well, just look at you. How much of real you in here and where your mind wonder? We feel good when we do something together No one of us can even survive alone. You me as a persons are total illusion ego created by mind. Everything that is imaginary is optional choose what serves life in order to live . You live not for ideas in your head but you live because you eat , poop, sleep and have other people in your life. I don't mind anything else... just choose suitable please for that. You indeed will be very interesting if you share something that improve life for all of us. Kabalah dualism symbolic it works to engage group of people and I telling you how to protect yourself for that. Keep it real our hearts beats for the same reason. Keep close to the people who still can keep track what serves life, because that is the only reason why we still a life.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:16:17
Lol @ $ylvester that's a great video comment! Yes here we are again is down to the same thing is polarities or as I like to say, duality, the opposite of union. The false sense of separation from self. I usually call it the middle way or the middle path of not going into either extremes. A healthy balance of inner self and harmony achieved. The ego, self-non self. They call it the veil of ignorance right? That old devil. Very interesting philosophy indeed.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:20:59
[deleted user]
I really don't what to became this site as facebook style sharing nonsense I mean stuff that we can not sense. People get away from TV and hooked on line entertaining each other over there ... I mean com on wake up we are a life we can do something we get ability to connect I love you I need you Lets get fun lets get real and do something that makes life better why we waist time? How long we will be having this opportunity Imagine Internet will be controlled after few ears, what would you do? How about play a game how to make life more wonderful? what is up! why it is not cooking? why it is not clicking? Do we share sincereness over here ?
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:31:48
[deleted user]
Well said Sylvester this is just what we need less distraction and more interaction
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:34:59
[deleted user]
Yeah and lets give much love, hugs and kisses to every one who fall to sleep again, in the mind in jungles of stories ... which by the way very interesting ... sorry I am back I actually ones kissed the women that screamed at me It works brinks back to present
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:39:28
Yeah, you're both right. You'd have to look at it from a scientific point of view or science fiction point of view. We would have to use the cyberspace to get to the source sort of speak. Connect with our window to the world and get to the other side outside the matrix. Kinda like a tube.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 21:55:57
[deleted user]
Well, interacting is what I do all the time here, as I perceive it and in the meantime
I'm organising a good life for myself and enjoy a good life with others. Easy does it.
But for now.... I'm going to be sincere in living up to my commitment to a break lol
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:07:01
[deleted user]
Just be honest with each other are you not curious how you are doing? it is people in place where I have never bin I am curious how life looks a like over there? ,what you doing? how you doing? . In order to start cooperate we need map out each other. It is we it is us that are real value If we can not engage in something for each other, what is a point to sit here , lets go back to TV (irony) we made it to Internet, but habit to keep entertain is still here ....
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:08:36
[deleted user]
Please, sylvester, give me a break lol
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:10:22
[deleted user]
Yeah! lets be sincere and friendly to each other lets practice it is safe on Internet ;O) What ever you do I want you to succeed and share your experience thats how we gain knowledge.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:11:26
[deleted user]
I hug I titillate pinch kiss ore pure water I would do anything to wake you up, that is a love guns babe ! thats how we fight violence it always same procedure to bring back people to their own senses. To the friendliness and compassion It is we that matter not that shit in our heads it is us are real .
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:20:14
And i say you're fool of shit sylvester.😂 no offense but it just doesn't work like that people loved to be entertained people love entertainment iI know I do. People want to connect it's just they are confused because they feel that the state is more important than the individual. Therefore. Everyone sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the holy land.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 23:30:00
[deleted user]
Oh lala, that's a rude way of putting it, VASSAR. I've got a feeling that Sylvester is full of himself in a peculiar way, shoving IT through our throats forcefully. I'm quickly irritated by it, because it's repetitive and also I know myself to be sort of the same in this, shouting my views into the Universe loud, at times.

For whatever reason Sylvester chooses this style, he's not full of shit. I can see his real desire, his vision.

Watch it, what's being triggered in you, VASSAR.
Friday 27 January 2017, 07:45:33
Don't look down on me Pastinakel.Besides, It's just a joke. You were puttin down the guys philosophy I agreed with it....
What I am saying is that people out here don't care about spirituality they think it's boring they don't contemplate anything that takes a balanced psyche I am just putting it into words that he can understand. I don't tell you not to be harsh on others on here I could care less that's on you. I don't need a mediator im not tryin to hurt anybody. Lol you're the one getting cursed out not me! :)
Friday 27 January 2017, 09:46:16
[deleted user]
I know what people like a lot it is sugar alcohol entertainment It is wants that has nothing to do with needs. By the way those artificial desire cups, craving for nonsense is created according kabalah ore tree of life. you create cup of desire and fulfill it for profit. I need sincereness from all of us and I act on that need. It does not mean, that I am right ore wrong it just what I need and I am confident that if we create sincere honest environment, conditions for free giving from the heart , positive things will start happening. Real friendship is in mutual nourishing relationship which is impossible to build on nonsense that are irrelevant to us. >well, my uncle have a summer house on the moon and potatoes went bad this year and earthlings participation in a milky way conference was canceled because of bad whether, comet drops some meteorites< = > If you suck my dick I let you use my time machine< It is predictor behavior you gradually increase level of insult it is same in prison: you can have shower slippers, tuna fish, cigarettes I have got your back bro.... (and your ass to fuck that I do not tel about) create debt in order to fuck people that is what banks do. Every story telling is a casting spell for a certain type of fish. Oh look this dummy are so desperate that accept tiny bullshit... and that is how government rule millions of people By making you accept nonsense which is created to jump over natural rationality and senses. we get fooled we suffer .. come on Jesus die in crucial pain for our sins and you complaining? Hope - a carrot in the front of your nose, you will never get it, but it is good enough to drive you forward.
Friday 27 January 2017, 09:51:54
You start talking about auras, god, aliens, peace and love people are going to ignore you. You start talking about guns, alcohol, bad drugs, baby mamas, going to jail you will get a whole heep of people engaged in conversation.

Like I posted before if you lived in war your whole life it takes time to heal is not something you can do overnight. And apart from saying that have you ever been around true reql veterans? I have, I've spent heavy time around them and I tell you as cool and as smart and informed they are there are times where you just don't want to be around them and it's not them necessarily. You know that they have been through a harsh realith so I let them vent when they want to and I stay out of their way. Not judgmental, not overly critical or even critical at all mind you because they can and will and do often snap! How controlled they are depends on the individual.
Friday 27 January 2017, 09:53:16
[deleted user]
VASSAR Guns, boos and tragedy is closer to reality then friendship compassion and cooperation? is that what you saying? and I should accept part of broadly accepted illusion just to not alienate myself from everyone else?
Friday 27 January 2017, 10:00:49
[deleted user]
It can be dune among small group, you and me and few more people, it can be done in small communities and I believe it will make life more pleasant and people go where is better . We are not the masses of people, we just a few of us that could give good example to any wondering mind, browsing around and may learn something may apply in own life .... lets lean towards change that nourish us. I would love to be good friends with you with any one of you and I believe you will give me your hand to hold if I don't bullshit you to trying create illusion ore impression... No, the reason I do anything is my own needs and dreams how to get it and you too. How many people you know that you can be honest with out fear to be judged? Thats a safe spot 4369 miles away I will not trying get behind your ass. ;O)
Friday 27 January 2017, 10:13:42
Sylvester I am not saying what you are saying is not within grasp it is but we must be realistic about something here. And that is, well exactly what is wrong with humanity, the humans on Earth?

They are slaves. They've been wired up like a machine and hooked up to a computer and is being held down to the lowest possible density you can think of. Apart from that, their ability to use their free will at will at all times has been violated. Most humans grow up not even really learning how to use their free will. You know what that does to a being? They think that the dream world isn't reality they think third density 3D is like the highest, ultimate experience, next to the after world where you die and go to heaven and hang out with God and all the angels for eternity, not knowing or realizing the fact that there are other dimensions in the multiverse. In one of Cobra's last interviews he stated that, most people in most countries have already lost their soul. Now, I kinda already knew that was just a confirmation because, I've been telling people I know personally, not to follow these soulless leaders will get you to lose your soul. Of course, many didn't listen. The thing is that once you make a choice, a decision, it does manifest itself somewhere. You just have to be aligned with it wherever it is is inside you. But when or if your free will gets violated you may not see it in your life, but it did happen.

You didn't see it therefore it leaves you dead feeling inside almost a depression or compression. We cannot have a whole world of humans set free just in order to see them in depression. You can shower the humans with all sorts of technology and gifts, but they will never really heal and maybe even digress causing many of them to get discharged in the central sun. We cannot have that. What we need is to have their dreams come true. This way it will get out of their system when they see the spiritual aspects the can come with being wealthy. We have been enslaved for so long that we don't really realize we are slaves and are use to the free will violations as normal. If the galactics were to just set us free without needing money, or to buy anything, or to build wealth then, humans may get disillusioned with peaceful way of life then start waring with eachother for excitement. We have been conditioned over and over and over and over again like a mantra that keeps repeating itself. You're nothing without alot of money. You're nobody, you amoun2to nothing. Our whole existence is based on being financially successful and you can make it like the big stars in Hollywood or greatest sports star....until that happens for everyone than humanity probably wouldn't be free inside even if you open up the cage. After that then we do away with the money. The Galactics and the agarthans will have a difficult time trying to relate to modern day humanity. They will have to have someone to ambassador to them as I myself have made the proposal.

Just look, trauma is part of our daily life you know, with the lucifarians and everything, so maybe a massive 9/11 style type implant in the collective consciousness of the human probably wouldn't have much of a desired effect. The opposite would probably be better. For example, look at how a video from Dr. Steven Greere video on youtube got only like what 8,000 views or something? Dropped real nuggets of knowledge in it and is not as many views as it should have. But this thug fighten gangsta video on YouTube got like 8,000,000 views.... Maybe more. How are the Galactics going to relate to that? Violence is our lives.
Friday 27 January 2017, 20:38:22
And this is one of the most informative disclosure videos I have seen todate. People have to be conditioned to enjoy life. You have to explain to the slave what it means to be free.
Friday 27 January 2017, 20:41:47
[deleted user]
VASSAR, in my perception you can't tell a truth to someone who isn't ready for it. Forcing truth through people's throat is equal to fanatic enslavement, allowing a belief system to overrule one's own journey in life and one's own true path, in sync with the purpose of one's soul, minding one's own business first.

To me, a slave isn't ready to acknowledge its enslavement, for that's a contradiction in termino. A slave wouldn't be one, if an explanation to free itself would help it to leave enslavement. There's a motive here, however obscure, that's drawing one's soul into enslavement. You and me aren't an exception in this, for enslavement has many different forms and expressions. Our ego loves enslavement as long as it's fed by it, righteousness is an excellent feeding ground for our ego and comfortably fills our inner black holes.

By positioning yourself as mister-know-it-all you create a distance that works against what you're looking for in a desire to build bridges and meet people in equality. I'm not so very different in my provocative style of communicating, at times, VASSAR. I'm in the middle of looking at it and chewing on it, right now. It's why I choose a time out from this place and give attention to what's stirring within, in need of healing. I don't agree with you that people have to be conditioned to enjoy life. That's an illusion to me and the opposite of living in freedom.
Saturday 28 January 2017, 06:11:13
[deleted user]
It is not that difficult to speak the truth If you know what truth is. Truth unites people and clarify everything. The truth is observe able by everyone, So what we add to pure observation (what we see hear...sense) things that other people have difficulty to observe it is our needs and feelings related to the described situation. People can recognize life when they hear it, but only person by him self can feel it. What is not truth ore imaginary real, a stories. Blah blah that projecting ones judgments, thinking, claiming , blaming... creating imaginary scenario with division polarities giving imaginary reason to move from bad to good ore attack wrong because right...

For example: I am riding my bicycle to the place where sauna is it is sun shining I feel good I wanna share that joy of my experience I need companionship, I feel like I discover peace of paradise and want to share. But what I say is: We have invest in tis place, build it for us and we have to use it ... and create bunch of self right stories that could bring people in to spot... Well port union is in cooperation with sauna union and we have to... It would be only fair if we do as I just suggested... People do not understand that .... You see lie is in judgments and giving direction to everyone else, based on what is imaginary real right wrong, nice, cruel.... and biggest lie is to say that other people have to do anything. Obviously if they haven't done is evidence that they don't have.

So the truth is in sincereness , honesty about own senses needs and there for we make friendly request. Non violence means creating circumstance where free giving from the heart ore just for fun is possible. So we describe observe able situation include our personal needs and make friendly request.

The lie is In stories and arguments that points to the judgment and the demand for what ever polarity we created (good thing to punch bad guy) Well one would thing: if we do not force people to do what we need, then nothing will be ever done and whole society false apart (in the egoistic mind). I would say it is good that people don't do what they are forced ore coerced to do, Because that is the way to prevent harm ore prevent actions with out consideration to other peoples needs. If one has no awareness about other people then it seams quite logic to pay for to make things done. If I have money and you don't, then you will do as I say and reasons why you do will be fear and greed. It is very costly for social well being. It feels in the air when everyone around behave in a involuntary manner. I want to feel love in the air among people who do what they choose to with realization how it will serves their life. There is a challenge to understand that we will do not how I see ore how I vision in my little ego head willing to force everyone to understand my way , but we will do in harmony with our needs.

When we gather to the party, we look around, observe, mingle with everyone to check up what is life in people and with whom we have similar dreams clicking together with those where it feels good .... Imagine if we come to party with very clear understanding what is fun and what is not and very aggressively inform about it everyone around us. I am in the mood for a dance You $10 for to dance with me and you , you and you will dance close around me for $5 ... lets go folks everybody smile and have good time... well with numbers everything is possible even "spontaneously" get late.

I hope that it is obvious that In order to have real joy and peace, we can not demand , force, manipulate in to what we wish. But we create circumstances where free giving is possible. We can express our wishes to each other with very clear 'No have to' . We can let know people what is life in us and what we need. There is a flowers and there is a bees and no one is forced to do anything.

If for some reason you can not do as I request, then for me it will be greater gift if you don't and take care of your reason way not. Is that make sense ? Does any one understand what kind of cult I am trying to create around myself, where ever I go?

If you put group of people in the middle of nature, with out any orders, ore instruction, ore direction what to do, what would happen? For beginning probably everyone will just sit and wait ... then some one get hungry and if one is not alone with same need, they start talking how to eat and organize activities that includes food other people start to move towards fulfilling their needs too ... and observing total strangers behaving that way, I realized that there is no need for money , have to , force coercion... As long there is no one who stands up and tell stories that direct everyone to one big ego satisfaction and everyone else suffer we are fine. In order to make everyone happy no one should give in ore give up anything, only join if it serves their own needs. Humans have universal needs and there for it is possible to live by free giving from the heart . Like at the party. Who ever sticks out craving attention, has to be met not with aggression, but with empathy and compassion. To make sure peace and safety is to take care of everyone so that will be no one to be afraid of.
Saturday 28 January 2017, 14:24:00
i"m very hopefull gonna all work out
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 06:29:32
[deleted user]
Of cause it will going to work out it always does. I just dream that it will work out with out violence ore global directions orders and commands. Most beautiful way I know, to work out by looking at each others needs as to a gift that sweet spot of opportunity to make life more wonderful. I would like to try to start meeting with knowable silence in everyones mouth and minds. Give a chance to listen to your own slow breath with closed eyes. Let the life it self fills in your sense of being get full awareness about one self Is necessary in order to understand what is life in others. Love your self to understand how to love other. Open up with sincereness tell to the circle what it is that your feelings (not thoughts ore emotions) tels you that you need? Sincereness is what one can sense and because we all have same feelings and needs that is a base touch, common ground where all humans can understand each other. Second knowable silence requirer effort to with hold ones mind from trying to fix things to suggest strategy, to prepare words that one will say to the circle... no there is no need for that yet. We need to give a time to look at each other and really sing in that pressures knowledge about what other people sense, feeling because they are needing. It take double if not triple time to fully realize and acknowledge life-hood other people and gathering as a whole. taking time to realize in details what other people up to : so you really need to have sense of security some kind of guaranty that we will be able to meet each other again and that we could together take care of each others needs and you want to know that it will for sure? It is very scary to trust friendship and give your life in other peoples hands? That fear drives you willingness to resolve situation with violence coercion and treats of violence if some one will not do as promise? and your shelter needs reparation and tis is so urgent that you can not think about anything else? and you feel very impatient to suggest your strategy to everyone? and you get a rash on your skin and it is really frightening you because you do not know what it is? and what ever fill the blank ... and I really would like to that everyone relax and take a time to full realization with out trying to fix it. We need time just to be just to have this compassion full awareness about each other and what is life in the group as the whole. We do not force any one to do anything just hold it on keep a present attention keep each other in hands if it helps. We all are here for each other and I am here because we are. Miracle happens when suddenly some one see other need us opportunity to make life wonderful to get smile on that persons face and everyone. When we meet fellow humans needs we literally create happiness of relieve of satisfaction and flames of compassion get bigger and people like to put some sticks in to fire. You met some ones need, feelings up, love in the air... and then we make celebration: this is what you did this is how I feel about it and this is my need that was met thats the way to say thank you. Smile comes on peoples faces and willingness to do more. Even if your problem will be not solved immediately you have gang of people who give you better advice and create better strategy then that you could came up on your own and If we take time to sink in other peoples needs we still keeping their problems in our heads and having eyes open where ever we go increasing the chance to spot opportunity that suddenly appear in the front of any one from the group not just one person. The way to get rid of fear and doubts is to get each other know better spending some time together doing things together having parties. It takes time to practice to not judge to not gossip and in other hand to meet people who gossip with empathy and compassion trying to identify what observe able happens what need ore intention was suppressed. We do not know what other people need ore what ore thing ore try to do we just make up shit that fits our own agenda and release narrative with hop that people buy it as undoubted imaginary "truth" ;O)
The truth is observe able to everyone and if some one is not sincere (talking nonsense) then we pay attention why one talking what is one needy about?

I suggest lets dream together about what we really need and after long pause, how to accomplish In a way what I can do for you. Wouldn't be nice to find out even after while, a few days later what other need? and get inpatient to give to share . I remember you say that you need... and I was.... and I sow.... and there we go.

When we compete we need respond very quickly and usually we do it with out awareness how it serves life for others. We may protect our need for a moment but our actions force others respond quickly too and as a result we have winners and losers. Moving forward in other peoples expense it is not growing at all. Progress is together thing when we all move forward.

This is what we gonna do: Suck my dick and I let you use my time machine,... that is exactly what Government tells us Ore any one who tels a story, gossip, ... Don't you get suspicious, when some one tels what other people think? How do they know? (time machine) Other people know only what they need and feel by them selfs So are you and me and all of us. Only you by yourself can give direction to act, to do, to go... and if you serving life, you feel good and if not then not. We are so quick to give each other directions, do we? We can satisfy only human needs, wants are and we will not die if we don't get what we want. Love is what we all need and with out love we die slowly collectively we loosing something with out being able to point what it is.
Tuesday 31 January 2017, 12:07:55
A slave is not educated enough to know or understand what freedom is being cadged its whole life. When the slaves was set free after the civil war there were slaves that did not even want to be free they stayed on the plantations. You would also have to explain that a slave could also fight with a weapon in hand (would have to explain weapon, self defense)for their freedom from they slave master. The slave would be aware that a whole race was against them the fellow slaves and would finally realise what it actually felt like to be discriminated against.

I have had slavery in my families past... As soon as the slave realizes that pain being inflicted upon them and the suffering need not be through explaining to them then yes thy would be ready to hear the truth and to be set free. Harriate Tubman is a great example of this she freed many slaves.
Pastinakel I do not claim to know it all. My higherself knows it all but I can learn to access the information.
A person that does not at least ceremonially do the act of accepting that they are a slave then also letting go of the enslavement when set free is a very dangerous person, you have to go through the emotions and really feel it. I myself have gone through the process of actualization of my situation on planet Earth and my perception of life truly has changes since I first remember. I did as a child accept that I was a slave to the system and I had just recently remembered when I first accepted that I had forgotten. Is not a good feeling to have, why would I be convinced that I was a slave? And also why would I accept such a thing and that was a long time ago. I see things differently now and I fought back still to this day. I have free will and thay serves me.

People on this planet are going to go through a mourning phase and only after the healing will they all be comfortable building friendships and closeness and relationships. Gotta get over the lifetime of trauma first then the healing begins.
Thursday 2 February 2017, 22:29:47
[deleted user]
Most of the people to day have bin born on some one else property with out access to necessities for life. So way to survive is pay servitude and manipulate game in a way that other peoples attempt to live could bring you profit and we are in constant violent competition against each other. So my main idea is to change competitive state of situation in to cooperative one. So first what we can do with like minted people is sett up activities in a full transparency about who does what and where money goes in and out. Then next step we replace money with amount of time everyone invest where ever it is possible and use money only for interactions to the world with monetary system. that way production cost nothing in labor and it gives competitive edge against people out side. Ideal would be create environment where free giving from the heart could be possible and that is no violence at all no one tells any one what to do. Probably will be some amount of time that is needed to contribute in order whole community to function. and that burden we share equally on everyone who in. That time will be needed to have community projects that serves everyones needs for free and access will be sold out to get money for communities needs and little part to each and one pocket for personal use. There is a challenge how to get together? So if we get together in order to live serve each others life in a more beneficial way, then separated and competing against each other. So we get together to compete against monitory system and if our strategies will be more beneficial we will grow in life quality and new numbers. In order to create that free giving and living possible we need to change our perspective to life. It is very difficult to not judge to not label to not compete and it takes effort to practice always pay attention to how we feel and what we need. any kind of conflict is always on the level of strategies and solution observe able reality is on the level of what life is in us in a present moment. Whole peace making process is to bring people back to observe able reality, because Peoples problems are imaginary real not observe able. A wake means act for observe able cause. Imaginary cause misleading to act in a way that does not serve life and there for create suffer. Competition is driven by imaginary gall to win and it always 100% for sure cause harm. Cooperation have aim to fulfill everyones needs which is process of life and circle is wheal of life that moves us forward. Circle of cooperating circles that serves life is very beneficial and powerful structure, because no one waist energy on climb claiming on each others heads to get hierarchy in correct order you need to make sure that on top is real most powerful psychos and last in line have to be weakest, suffer and die. In circle structure weakest (Older kids) go in the middle of circle getting most attention by everyone. Shared burden get lighter and joy greater. And in hierarchy that competition creates Joy is in expense of everyone else's increased burden. Psycho happiness is to fuck everyone else and that energy is waisted it does not serve life. Even if two teams compete against each other with out interacting they both loose by not share information what works best and what to avoid from slow down. If we divide whole globe in two efficiency as a whole drops down to 50%. For what exactly? Ego pleasure to announce we are better then them. How about cooperate and get better together? No way, I rather get less, but win against them - how smart is that? ;O) whole planet is divided in countries, nationalities, monitory zones, corporations... to day if we stop waste energy for military, war which is wasted recourses on competition. 5% of population is needed to serve whole planet. We have 95% of unimplemented ore access of people burden to share. Capitalism is too old inefficient and we can make it obsolete by creating what works much better.
Friday 3 February 2017, 11:07:09
That's exactly right Sylvester, I agree with that. There has been alot of though put into thay subject by alot of our greatest leaders in history. This is the question of world peace. The activities do need to take place for a financial restructuring of the world economic system. Is funny what you say about competition because here we say a little bit of competitiveness is healthy...and if you want to make it in this world you have to have that mindset. I give credit where credits due. The Dracos have us wired up to these emotions that trigger us into the behavior of wanting to be "the best of the best". The thing that always gets me is that when I compete the competitor takes it personally that I am trying to win and if I do they get irritated and I don't get to know the person and get a distaste for the sport involved.And if I lose, or roll over and play dead then they make me feel less than dirt and resentment kicks in. I've done the projects side when Ibwas younger and it does turn out well.
We try to be like the Dracos but alot of us are unaware of the horrible tactics they use to nullify us into believing it is natural.
People must have something to trade but alot of our skills building for learning how to keep our infrastructure intact has been downsized significantly do to the dumbing down.
People have to get motivated and they have to have a cause to unite for ia the only way cooperation works. They have to see this one world one vision. A golden age is something everyone would love and contribute to.
People have the feeling of lack this is why they compete. Whether it is for mates, land, resources etc it's dog eat dog. But if people understood that the sky is the limit then the fear of not having enough or being enough will go away.
Everyone is good at something everyone has some kind of talent. Know thyself means know what you are good at you are selling you. People have to push through and we have to have this money to go along way is what can clean up this mess. Money is a metaphysical property.
Once people realize this they can all contribute to peace and make that choice.
Friday 3 February 2017, 21:38:57
[deleted user]
Money is a slavery chains to the bank. I realized that with out money we still have each other the real source of survival and happiness. As long we can keep each other in hands we will be fine , because I know for sure there is nothing in the world that you can feel ore need, that I couldn't feel and need too. So as long we can stand together holding each other in hands connected naturally by compassion I don't care about future, I know we will find the way and it will be up to us not up to me. I hope that will be up to our needs and feelings that we share. The experience of survival is a key to the gravity of love , friendliness, humanness natural consideration about each others well being. As more you burst to the anger as more pressures human need you trying to take care of. Anger is a desperate cry for love and understanding Isn't that truth? aggressive blaming calling names blah blah Is the way to say please that lees likely will be received as a gift as a wonderful opportunity to enrich life.
You know some people can write PhD diploma work about how fucked their life is and what they don't like... well bad and wrong can not exist with out good and right those two polarities are evidence of each others imaginary existence and it is imaginary real, while how to serve life is observe able real and it is very difficult to dis agree about technical measure able stuff ore things that we can sense and there for call it sincereness. Only in pure open sincereness we can make life more wonderful in a moment ore mutual pleasure go trough life share it fruits looking for opportunity celebrate life, because we done something that serves us satisfy our needs.

Hugs to you VASSAR keep the balance don't loose focus on how your moves make life more wonderful than it is. We all are sleeping angels wakening up to serve life . Our cheesy heads get lost in imaginary, while we missing paradise in observe able it is so much joy we are able to create together for all of us. Let the past go away together with fear and doubts Focus on one thing at the time and you will find joy as a result of healthy balanced life.
Friday 3 February 2017, 23:20:46
This planet has been controlled bye reptilian race that won the planet 300,OOO years ago through help of Galatics and god sending very intense Gamy waves through are Solar System please start connecting with your higher-self and raise your vibration either way BIG changes are coming soon .Most goverment officials throughout world have been infilltrated and know all about this GOODLUCK everyone stay focus and love is all REMEMBER they feed on our fear so stop watching news
Saturday 4 February 2017, 09:58:01
[deleted user]
reptilian race has been controlled this planet for 300,OOO years? =Oo Not any more, I stoled and hid remote control. =O) So everyone start watch news in your kitchen window and say Hi to your neighbors... It is time to stop dreaming and start living with each other...;O)
Saturday 4 February 2017, 11:25:08
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