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Nearly everyone, starting with my wife insists slavery to the [...]

Seattle, Washington
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Nearly everyone, starting with my wife insists slavery to the government (banks), oil company (banks) and banks is absolutely necessary, "the way it is," and that I must obey or be ridiculed and denigrated. This is what every slave insists. "We have to obey the master, or we'll freeze, they'll take everything, they'll hurt us, etc. We have to obey."

Now we're out of oil again, the company that delivered 50 gallons emergency last year doesn't do less than 100 gallons this year, while the electric bill is up to $404 for multiple months while we look for work, collect unemployment and have very limited other income.

So I'm screamed at that Bonnie will freeze this winter and that I'm to blame because I "refuse to help" (an outright lie), just because I call out the master/slave mentality.
This is exactly how slaving is done, with the banks, their puppet governments and their puppet companies at the head, while those who stand up are blamed and called "unpatriotic", just like Herman Goering said after WWII.

I need a safe, freedom place to be.
I know how you feel, but just because they don't see it now doesn't mean they won't. Most of my family and friends thought i was sick even asked me to seek help so i did. Just to ease their worry. I'm not sure they are satisfied with the results, but some are starting to listen. I go very slow. Just make sure they know you love them. they will know you care and they do come around. Trust me, I can feel it happening.
Thursday 19 January 2017, 18:00:35
David T
Tank you. But never seek help to please others who simply want to keep you enslaved in their fantasy. That only feeds the paradigm of having to fit in and please people, which is exactly the paradigm that the slavers feed on.
Thursday 19 January 2017, 20:13:58
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