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Liked this. Interesting read. Thought I'd share. [...]

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Liked this. Interesting read. Thought I'd share.…
Another one bites the dust....
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 17:12:26
I would like to say Brennan watch your back.…
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 17:15:55
It's getting so blatant now, it's got to end, my opinion for what's it's worth, is it's the oldies i.e., Bush senior , Soros etc who in their addled old senility think they can still take people out, not as simple as it used to be to cover the trace source back to them , hopefully there's got to be some incorruptible Feds , CIA who are sick of these acts by these psychopaths
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 17:25:44
You are right it's becoming so blatant. I only hope others are seeing the same. I think it's to many government officials waiting for there next pay check and a nice pension. Thing is we are paying for them to receive this.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 17:36:20
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