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wow people, this video is amazing and has some really [...]

Richmond, Tasman
via The Full Circle Project
wow people, this video is amazing and has some really helpful information, I strongly recommend EVERYBODY here to check it out as you'll likely get a lot from it we can use this stuff to help ourselves and the world at large…
There's a reason why the occult is a taboo and people are scared of it, and that is because it can be very powerful when understood and used correctly and this is what the powers that be are most scared of, because collectively, if we all knew about it, and understand how powerful we really are, they wouldn't stand a chance
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 07:02:42
please share this video around if you gained anything useful from it, as i'm sure you all know others who will benefit from it too
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 07:05:42
Jemima Puddleduck
Ahhh, thank you. Learned it slightly differently but great to hear this. For me tho - no servitudes - Love and Light. x
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 07:52:01
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 07:53:45
for me light is just a means of coding or translating information within this 'matrix' there's nothing divine or special about light within itself. you need to remember that as humans we experience duality and polarity, but you cant have light without darkness, right? so why worship or revere one side of the coin only? why not the whole coin? light is also a symbol or metaphor, like, when you shine the light on something, you're exposing it so that it can be seen so be wary and discerning of the things you here in the new age, you must know it's been very heavily infiltrated and co-opted, makes sense that it would be right? there is truth there, but remember that there are forces that work, working day and night to keep these powerful truths out of the hands of the common man, so when studying philosophy and the occult, discernment is key. next most important thing is to keep an open mind and never cling to any beliefs as beliefs will only hold you back in your personal development. embrace change and evolution and remember that we're always moving forward, even if at times it seems as if we're moving backwards, the higher self is wise and knows how to guide you, trust in the process. enlightenment is a destructive process of letting go peace to you, friend
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 08:09:36
[deleted user]
Gratitude have informative function. This is what you did... This is what I feel... This is what need of mine was satisfied.... thats the way to say Thank you. Ore thank you pointing what fore, Gratitude is readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 13:50:42
[deleted user]
Emotion is a product of the mind = brain fart ore slip from observe able reality, very dangerous and misleading. What is real? feelings caused by your needs that we all can sense. When we use our senses we behave like awake people. When some one describes ones senses, we call it sincereness. When some one act on emotions, we call it delusion. What ever we want is influenced by emotions (brain fart) and what ever we need is sensed by feeling and serving life. You can't always get what you want (thanks God for that ) , but if you try hard enough, you may get what you need. We give to children what they need and ignore their childish wants. I apply same strategy on adults too, ignore their wants and give them what they need.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 13:58:05
[deleted user]
Humans ore we experience lie by emotions and truth by feeling senses. The truth is what we all can observe in a present moment and there is no need even name it. (The rain telling about it self by playing drums on the banana leave) The truth is right on the front of our eyes, all around us and not in peoples heads behind the eyes.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 14:14:13
[deleted user]
there is a lots of terms used with out understanding real terms meaning, "mixed in soup to make a scope" the origin of words changed to fit the meaning , irritates me . It is verbal diarrhea Sounds in a way you like so much that you are willing to share , but it does not serves anything ... entertain and excite, because you get elevated state of mind? (= are you high?)
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 14:40:12
well said, and i might have been haha, i'm not at the moment xD one thing i disagree with what you said though about truth being out there, well yes it is, but it's also within us as observers and parts of the whole. the problem is when emotions get in the way and beliefs cloud our judgement. i also like learning about language and etymology, i see language as being helpful for labeling, categorising things in an accurate scientific way, but with anything we say, i'll always be left open to interpretation by the other person, depending on their understanding of the words and context you use. this isn't such a big problem in everyday life, but language fails when it comes to communicating the abstract. thats where meditation comes in handy, it's just you and mind, no words, just being and feeling, the way it's supposed to be. i often wonder what it'd be like if we could simply just turn off our language function in everyday life and think a different way
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 04:56:13
[deleted user]
Obvious to me Humans can easy make it with out language at all. Tonality of our voice express feelings quite well for a mother to understand her child's needs. It just that we instead of fangs claws use imagination and create tools shelters, stuff that serves life. There language become more handy then life hood expressed in a song of rising sun. So language is our savior and curs at the same time, because it become tool of enslavement, manipulation, deception... The way to protect your self from the Devil whispering in our ears is a strict separation imaginary from observe able. Keeping always attachment of awareness how, what ever imaginary is, serves life (= fulfills human needs). Ore just simply traffic rules for exchange vital information that we need in order to survive as a group. So this is what you feel ... because this is what you need... and there for this is your request... Media entertainment make people delusional to degree that they cut up on strong emotions and share that meaningless delusion, what ever sounds in unison is very pleasurable regardless how it serves or harms life. To agree on total bullshit is as fun as sing together same song. Delusional crowd can be totally up to meaningless shit, because it is very pleasurable to do anything and feel crowds support, it require no effort ore concentration you just go with a flow and feel normal like everybody else. Emotions feelings it is clinical psychology terms with its definitions and used in a style : hey Look at me I am surfing on the wave of popularity as attention whore and using words that I don't really know what they mean it just, shut up dude, hang on, it feels good is in it? ... it create impression of something smart, that I heard and liked so much that I use it for my own fun.... So what is that you need bro? I am really in to helping you out, do you find something that serves life for all of us? ;O) Some times Devil blows the horn trough our minds so that we have no awareness about what we doing how it effects everyone, we just do it, just running together with the heard in fear to be trampled by the heard.
In order to make life serving decisions and actions first you need to be aware what is life around you? Only in quite silence is possible to give grate amount of attention to all delicate nuances and make move that serves life. The truth is what is and what should be is a fantasy ore a terrible lie told to people by some one long ago. So if you want to know the truth you should with hold your own mind in order to see it with out interruption. You believe that truth is not only out there , but also with in? the reason you believe that because of illusion of your self created by your mind. There is no you ore me, because there is no borders where you ends and not you begins it just a illusion of the mind. You can see the truth with in yourself only if you can with hold your own mind from interpretation of reality you sense, same way when you look out around you. Ordinary people loose their attention 5 - 6 times per minute while they listening some one talk and there for, their ability to understand are 5 - 6 times compromised. So if you train your mind to keep quiet you gain ability to see situation from the higher point of view. North American Indians was taking time just to sit and observe the landscape (watch like TV every day in hours) and they knew when where buffalo heard is coming change their direction if its needed and predict whether and then make decisions with consideration of 7 generations forward. To day we just run for life for a $ per hour and have no time to observe and see reality as it is We just taking everything we told for the truth, that serves people who rule us. Mind is a bitch if you don't keep her busy to serve you, it start ruing your life. Close your eyes and think about what do you love? how paradise look a like? Now let your mind finger out how to get there, that way your mind serving you completing tasks given by you. When we do something because we was told and there for believe, then we become mind slaves sacrifice our own life for the leadership agenda.
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 12:32:26
very true, i agree with a lot of what you've said here. really, i just think people need to slow down. we've been told that life is a race, and it really isn't. when we slow down, everything slows down, and we can see more clearly, take more in, contemplate life. if we dont ever take the time for introspection, we can loose much of our awareness and forget what is driving us, what are our motivations as to why we do the things we do. care = time well spent. but honestly, we aren't all one, i dont agree with that. we are individuated consciousness, sharing a ',multiplayer reality" therefore we all have the responsibility to work to be the best that we can be, and to make the world a better place. like if you we sharing a house with friends, you wouldn't want to to be the only one trying to keep the place clean and everyone else is just trashing the place and doesn't care. you cant control another person though, so we can only be the best we can be and lead by example, share the joy and love with one another, offer inspiration share a dream of what the world could be if we all take the initiative to create rather than conform to anothers imaginings that dont serve us
Thursday 19 January 2017, 03:54:47
[deleted user]
All people are saying is please and thank you, they just do that some times in a way that less likely met their needs. By blaming judging and shouting... babies just screaming and crying because they can't talk yet ... is a way to say please. and we talk like that with each other because we was forced to compete against each other and are educated that way so we have this illusion of separateness.
This is about oneness: in the prison when you are among rapist, racist, psychopath, tugs... the worst what those people can do to you, is to leave you alone. Solitary is most cruel punishment for a human being. In Sweden to have one horse alone in the stable it is against a rules how to keep social animals.
No one of us can even survive alone that is observe able reality. I guess what you pointed out is a disability to get along (?) In other words shortage of functional communication, in effective ability to exchange vital needs. It cause a lots of stress, frustration, mistrust...
I noticed that you pointed your need for certainty, order, predictability and cleanness and then you start worry about other people. Because we have different level of understanding what is clean enough and you worry about fairness probably you would like to be sure that everyone contributes equally and no one use other peoples fruits of label? I know from the moment we was indoctrinated to compete we have got those thoughts in our head. Well rules of the game are how to make life more wonderful than it is, not less which means requirement is to watch out that you do not give more than you would like to contribute with the happiness of the child feeding hungry ducks in the park. We all are experts about ourself and about other people we do not gossip speculate what they would ore not do and we pay attention only on what we have means of control over and that is not other people but us our self. To compare and judge is a sin and when we sin we create suffer. We express our needs consider about other peoples needs by asking and make strategies that serves everyone. Task like cleaning can be put on the check list braked in small peaces, what needs to be done. And there is a tasks we do repeatedly so it is possible to put on the schedule ore a weal of routinely deeds which we do because it is ones turn ore just because one feel for it. As more advanced technology became, as less be to do because of ones turn. Today we need 5% of population keep busy to keep us all a life, which means that amount of your duty to society is 5% of your all time. Ubuntu Party creator Michal Tellenger claims 3 hours work per week. Imagine that people who serves our life become pop-stars on every screen and way to replace them is to make same job in a more efficient way. So there is no money, no politics, no possessions and the only way to get all chicks attention is to serve life for all of us. Will be established authorities of car makers, builders, cleaners, conflict solvers, .... On TV you will see a guy who fingers out how to keep different pressure of the air that keeps dust from the shelters or connects toilet system to fertilize community garden. Frontiers of invention in a million different areas will be people that matter, have significance and fame. When you arrive to the city you will deal with winners team who take care of accommodation. Natural authority is a people who takes care of you. When you compete, than popularity gets people who dear to step over everyone else. In order to become rich you need to screw up a lots of people, make them poor, where else you can get more necessities for life then you need? Competition creates winners and losers, rich and poor, respectful jobs and not. Well imagine people having sense of appreciation to persons that give them relieve, makes life wonderful for everyone, of cause they will be loved. To day we look up to those who rip off everyone else. and we can not imagine any one willing to serve life we see people willing to make money instead. Money is a mark of the Devil for right number you will get queuing in line people willing to suck your dick ore clean your toilet with the toothbrush. So money can give you love of the red light district. It is a form of violence and slavery, it means if I have got money and you don't, you will do as I tell you. I want that peoples reasons to do anything, will be not fear ore greed, but realization how it nourish everyones life. I want to live with people by free giving from the heart and it is do able, just follow guide lines how to. It is not more sophisticated then traffic rules. Big people will be as big as their awareness of other peoples needs. Specially young ones toddlers they will have very little authority around their own ass and as more care you able to provide to others, as more significance you achieve in other peoples eyes. Mom and dad love you unconditionally and other people love you, if you make their life more wonderful. Ability to improve other peoples life will became new pussy magnet. It will be not ownership of metal box that get you from A to B. But Guy who invent ore put together transportation system everyone see his face on TV and know that what is going to change thanks him soon. There is no friends ore enemies there is just people and their relation to each other depends on the game they play compete ore cooperate. If to have clean toilet is great value and health concern for society then that will be a thing that society will appreciate most. and all what we do is to get apparition to contribute and celebrate life together. Security is not in bigger guns, but in consideration of everyones needs. We will fear droughts and shortage to avoid violence. As long we take care of everyone there will be no one to be afraid of. Places of emergency we will surround with necessities for life in order to avoid coming people in masses over here. We bomb people with shelters and bread to keep them where they are. In Japan children cleaning their schools by them selfs there is no servitude over there and there is no attitude to wards cleaning. Prostitute are looked down at, because she do it for money. People don't stop make love because of money , they just do it by free giving from the heart with mutual happiness. I guess you have fear that with out violence, with out 'have to', with out superiors orders ... if no one force us to live we will all die? I guess that we all live, because we are fruits of love and we do it totally voluntary. If you care about your self then you are ass hole loved by mom and dad and if you care of whole community you are known by whole community it is a question of maturity.
Who will clean public toilet? sounds like who will suck my dick. We can solve that problem by violence: money, coercion ore technology there is robots who can do both jobs. Dem who will clean public toilets? lets fight for it and force losers to do that ore make sure that no one can avoid ones turn ore teach kids in the school as a most honorable thing. :O)

Thursday 19 January 2017, 19:22:27
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