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I am happy to see, just now (kind of awaited) [...]

Dumaguete, Central Visayas
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I am happy to see, just now (kind of awaited) that we've reached a bigger step in the number of 10'000 here. Thanks to all. Those of you who know Gregg Bradden "square root formula" know that this reall can have an impact. Blessings...

(I don't know how I can upload the screenshot that I have just taken. )
: perhaps post it somwhere else and post a link? (ex: pinterest, facebook, flickr...)
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 01:07:54
[deleted user]
Hi Hefalump, thank you very much for comment. I - for sure - posted it on Facebook (to which I have kind of an ambivalent "relationship", but stay there because of the many friends of over so many years...). I hope that you are fine and send you best wishes.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 01:11:23
ok, that should work! try to post the link it might work...yes, I hear you. I suggest Fkickr. Love and light to you.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 01:39:29
[deleted user]
Thank you, Hefalump. I will check out Flickr. Love and light to you, too.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 04:42:41
[deleted user]
Thank you, arcturus, I appreciate Gregg Braden's work much.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 08:41:26
[deleted user]
You're very welcome, Pastinakel. Yes, he's work is also a great contribution to mankind. Best wishes to you in all regards.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 09:30:55
[deleted user]
Thank you arcturus, did you know that Gregg Braden and his work is in resonance much with Drunvalo Melchizedek and his work,
since end of the nineties? They're good friends and great teachers, as I perceive it.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 09:35:21
[deleted user]
Yes, Pastinakel, I am aware of that. Also of other so-called "puzzle stones" ;-). There is so much info and many "tools" out there, today, even much more than when I "began" a few decades, ago. I am happy that even more and more people are becoming aware and get into their hearts which, in my humble opinion, is maybe the gateway for understanding which can lead to change. About the Gregg Bradden's sqare root formula (for change etc.). For those who don't know it, the square root of 1 Percent of people involved... If I figure it out for a estimated population of 8'500'000'000 people on this beautiful planet, I get , rounded: (only "needed") 9220 persons. We are now 10'000 here on this platform... If we would add, respectively multiply by 24 time zone around Earth and again, let's say, let people meditate half an hour, which would double that again to hold a steady focus, then it would need 442'560 people, and I am sure consciousness would magically change. I did some experiments in the early nineties in a village in Switzerland with about 1200 inhabitants, and we got results. Thank you for your lines, and also light and love to you, arcturus.
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 00:12:49
[deleted user]
Thank you, arcturus, there are meditations organised here, look under the sitting figure at the top of this page.
On the home page there's more info on that subject. We are making efforts here and I believe we're moving with giant leaps now.
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 09:34:45
[deleted user]
Thank you, Pastinakel. Yes, I know and am happily aware of this. I agree: Moving with giant leaps. Have another great and happy day.
Thursday 19 January 2017, 00:55:55
was just thinking: what if we created meditation circles around each city, spreading people in a big circle like maybe 20 to 30 or more, I bet that would have a powerful effect!
Thursday 19 January 2017, 02:41:32
[deleted user]
For the moment I've got my hands full on the little circle that is around me, when I'm present in meditation or while gardening.
I'm moving away from working hard to make miracles happen and grand effects, the heroin in me is ending her struggle for control,
often feeling she needs to save the world and others should follow. Or else. Oh boy... oh girl, what a ride, I"m choosing a different
approach, saving the world on my own. I know what I'm saying, it's my own learning curve lol
Thursday 19 January 2017, 09:24:22
all paths are good paths, and ...self empowerment is ... gooder
Thursday 26 January 2017, 01:11:41
[deleted user]
lol I like your play with words, Hefalump. gooder.... similar to my "doings and diddings".
Thursday 26 January 2017, 06:52:00
Sunday 29 January 2017, 07:30:58
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