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Dehradun, Uttarakhand
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Although now I will be leaving.
Saturday 14 January 2017, 05:52:01
Add "Mistook it for a regular SNS"
Saturday 14 January 2017, 07:49:40
Sunday 15 January 2017, 04:34:44
[deleted user]
Oh, is there only one possible choice?
Sunday 15 January 2017, 11:45:01
[deleted user]
You've got a great sense of humour, Kartik. Of course there's no troller oresent here lol
Sunday 15 January 2017, 11:46:25
[deleted user]
I did not asked any one to bring me here My mom and dead love each other so much that I thought it is still part of the heaven, but when I pooped out from my mama I at ones start complain about everything by screaming. and why they give me a name? I don't need to know anyones name all I need to know is how are you and what you need and if we can help each other out any how. Peoples attention get to their needs instead of money. How dangerous that could be? Most likely everyone counts to the three and no one will jump. Please lets don't jump lets focus on the one thing at the time . rule is to make life more wonderful not less. No giving in, ore sacrifice is needed everyones needs matter and can be satisfied by free giving from the heart with happiness of kid feeding birds in the park. we can do it and we teach the kids how to do it by own example. there is traffic rules for communication that can solve our problems. NVC
Monday 16 January 2017, 02:38:57
[deleted user]
Trolling is activity that one don't like and only one knows what it is. Label 'trolling' message' readers that that there is something that one don't like and no body knows what it is.
So one waving with label 'troll' telling for everybody to watch out if you write something I don't like ....
Monday 16 January 2017, 02:47:10
[deleted user]
Educating is act of violence contribute to conflict what ever we learn we do it by our selfs no one can do it for us.
Monday 16 January 2017, 02:50:15
[deleted user]
Connecting sharing life serving ideas I hope for sharing vital information in order to be aware about what is life in us what we need, in order to create strategy satisfying our needs by cooperation.
Monday 16 January 2017, 02:55:45
[deleted user]
sylvester, you sound like you're in need of a compass in your life so that you yourself may know what it is you need.
The needs of others come after that, in that way you're keeping your focus within healthy boundaries and your efforts
are more workable and structured. Besides, you can do your work for others, while grounded in a stable foundation that way.
These are the thoughts that came up after reading your comments here, they''re freely offered without any proof of being right for you.
Monday 16 January 2017, 09:17:16
[deleted user]
Yes I want to live with people by free giving from the heart and I am tiered from competition, lies, stories... imaginary till madness stuff that does not serves us
Monday 16 January 2017, 11:04:27
[deleted user]
I want to do something that contributes to peoples wellbeing while people around just look how to turn my effort to profit in own pocket. I need fairness, so many good people work for a benefit of few, it drives me mad. It is competition that creates lack of opportunity to create something. It is not enough to look what is needed and do for the sake of us, you have to finger out how to charge people and you be charged by.
Monday 16 January 2017, 11:20:41
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