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Homeopathy Another tool to combat disease. If you use herbs along with [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
via The Full Circle Project
Another tool to combat disease.…
If you use herbs along with homeopathy, you can cope with most, if not all, bodily dysfunctions. In America, homeopathy was taken down by the Rockefellers (because it doesn't bring profit to them).
Thanks Didge, bookmarked this for tomorrow!
Friday 13 January 2017, 19:39:51
You don't have to know the theories behind homeopathy to use it. Unfortunately, homeopaths would have you believe only they can provide the right remedy for you.
Just like vitamins and minerals, you don't have to be an MD to use them!
I take homeopathic alumina to combat excess alminium in the environment (nowadays courtesy of chemtrails).
Friday 13 January 2017, 19:45:46
I take quite a lot of natures own goodies, plus daily cbd oil, in the latter I've noticed many of the places I've bought it from are always out of stock, either people are using it more (which is good) or possibly those who don't want the people to know about its benefits are buying it up, (oh I sound like a conspiracy nut job)!!
Friday 13 January 2017, 19:50:23
Try this. It costs a bit more outside the US for shipping.…
They use the term "vibropathic" for homeopathy for legal reasons.
I attended Hanna's workshops a number of times in Colorado. Unfortunately she is not with us anymore, but the family business is being carried on
Friday 13 January 2017, 19:56:25
homeopathy works, thats why the Rockefellers use it, for themselves that is. How does a person live for 99 years? Their profits are made from the masses use of chemicals, but for themselves? they use the medicine they prevent.
Monday 16 January 2017, 15:04:38
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