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Here on this tree different web shops you can buy [...]

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
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Here on this tree different web shops you can buy GcMAF products to repair damaged colon and big intestine metabolism and cure other diseases with the additional products , but be warned it is still very expensive due to the pioneering status of these natural Originativ uniqueness like the Syntropic state of healing :… , and :… , and :… success and enjoy !
Cheers !
correction : Three different web shops !
Friday 13 January 2017, 19:36:26
[deleted user]
One very adequate and valuable foodproduct that improves the inner lining of the colon where digestion takes place and to encourage colonbacteria to thrive, the place where nutrients are delivered in the bloodstream, is whole linseed, soaked for the night and cooked for about 5 minutes before consumption,mixed with porridge. Besides it's helpful to have an easier visit to the bathroom
Friday 13 January 2017, 21:43:04
Hello Pastinakel , I always grind my one table spoon brown and one tablespoon golden linseed with A coffee grinder together with four tea spoons Chia seeds and make A raw pudding with additional raw "Criollo" cocoa powder and green Stevia powder , you can ad water to make A pudding of the grinded mixture or even better ad canned coconut cream instead of water in to the grinded mixture , you first have to soak the de labeled coconut cream cans in lukewarm water to melt the solidified coconut oil in the coconut cream can , shake well before opening to mix the coconut oil in the cream , I also grind first of all two tea spoons of green organic coffee beans , this recipe is A very laxative antioxidants explosion in your gut , so people with sensitive organs will experience A strong laxative effect ! RUN TO THE BATHROOM ! OOPS OUCH !
I never heat up these food items to keep it in A more nutritional sound of state , it is better to grind Linseed so you can absorb more the nutritional beneficial content of Linseed ! never buy grinded Linseed because it will oxidize after it is grinded and loose nutritional content due to the oxidation !
Friday 13 January 2017, 22:07:13
I forgot to type : STIR VERY WELL !
Friday 13 January 2017, 22:08:30
[deleted user]
I see what you mean, M. I'm shortening your name for convenience if you don't mind. I''m not into raw food and powerfoods myself, not that I'm against it. But I'm from a generation grown up in the fifties with food that was prepared fresh each day, living without a fridge and a freezer. I'm a holistic nutritionist and cook, eating organic food since 1973 and the food that is benerficial for me is warm as well as cold. The combination of physical excersize and pure food works well for me. I know of the grinding of linseed and consuming it soon after. The soaking of whole linseeds, for a whole night, and slight cooking after has the effect on my health that keeps me happy. Personally I'm not in favour of expensive processed foodsupplements, it's not my style. My motto is, that food should be enjoyed, in gratitude. And not discussed or much fuss made about it, for to me, it's like feeding the mind and leaving the bowels behind in the cold
Saturday 14 January 2017, 07:21:52
M is very short ! you can also type Maha , starseed or avatar ! Am also not into all to expensive food supplements as I can not afford it due to the fact that I have been poisoned at A very young age by the dark workers disguised as so called benevolent medical workers @t the state vaccination program that came to my school , they deliberate poisoned me and made me very ADD autistic , it is just that I don't want to be A autistic person any more @t my 49 th year of age and the only way to get rid of that disorder is by investing and buying expensive food supplements to heal the inner gut of my damaged stomach , intestine , colon and bowels , there is where the autism disorder originate from , it is just A gut disorder !
After the event I will have sufficient enough money to buy these items !
It wouldn't harm you if you broaden your world and try some thing new to expand your consciousness and mind !
Sunday 15 January 2017, 01:31:21
[deleted user]
lol, what do you think I'm doing every day, Maha? Talking about broadening my world. It's always difficult to have a true sense of other people's reality when communicating online. I always try to keep that in mind, which love to broaden itself in the tangible world of form and mundanity of daily life. Regarding buying supplements after The Event, Maha, you probably won't need them anymore by that time, for you'll be much more able to heal and heal yourself by your own personal power. What do you think is the key in that you were born, vaccinated and suffered from the consequences, Maha? That's a question that might broaden your mind and offer an opening to healing as well. Not meaning any suggestion of punishment or fate in this path of your life, to be clear.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 07:50:38
that’s right , I Am not gonna tell you my whole life story , but I Am A reincarnation of A lightsoldier of the galactic light federation of sovereign planets , you can not imagine how malicious the dark cabal operates in the Netherlands , they wanted to abduct me for child sacrifice and they couldn’t abduct me because my galactic family intervened and that woman that wanted to abduct me suffered a accident with her car just before she wanted to abduct me to the location of the human sacrifice alter , after that they made my life so miserable with dark occult magic and poisonings that I hadn’t the finished process of grow out my chakra's , nadi's and energy body and aura layers , so I have A underdeveloped energy body and that is causing also sickness and suffering , it is more than A miracle that I Am still living in this body , after the event I get my own healing chamber for A long therapy so I can develop A total grown out chakra , nadi and energy body aura layers system , can you imagine the kind of dangers I have been trough ? every medical specialist wanted to damage me in stead of heal me because there is A star with a state dangerous line of words next to my name in my medical dossier , the day that I can heal myself is the day that I Am totally repaired and finished in growing in to A complete Humanoïdus Terranius Gallacticus with the help of my galactic family , I have patience !
Monday 16 January 2017, 17:04:43
[deleted user]
Hoi Sandro, Je schrijft behoorlijk heftige dingen over jouw leven! Wat vreselijk dat je dit allemaal heb moeten doorstaan! Ik wens dat het steeds beter met je zal gaan!
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 19:02:15
[deleted user]
Oh ha, ik had al zo''n donkerbruin vermoeden dat je Hollander bent, Coenra. Ik ben er ook een, nu woonachtig in Engeland. Dus Maha is Sandro? Ik ben benieuwd of Maha dat hier publiek wil maken, maarre, we zijn als Hollanders toch onder mekaar, nietwaar? Ik zal stilzwijgend dit tot me nemen. Mondje dicht
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 19:31:01
Kijk nou komt de lichtwerker uit de mouw , tja sommige mensen hebben een functie als een bliksem afleider zodat anderen rustig verder kunnen leven , erg veel eelt op mijn ziel !
Saturday 21 January 2017, 19:34:03
Saturday 21 January 2017, 19:34:30
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