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“There’s a Crate of Guns in the Alley”

04 Oct

The following video implies that elements of government are dumping guns into Black neighborhoods in order to create violence and civil strife. Maybe that’s true, maybe not. I’m inclined to think those allegations could be true.

However, this video also alleges some significant number of guns dumped into Black neighborhoods are full-automatic weapons able to fire hundreds of bullets per minute. Maybe that’s true; maybe not. I was disinclined to believe the “full-automatic” allegations because, if that were true, the MainStream Media should report instances where scores of rounds were fired at a victim, leaving scores of casings on the ground. I haven’t heard those MSM reports so I wonder if full-auto weapons are being dumped into Black neighborhoods.

But then, as I thought back to about 20 years ago, I remembered a New Years Eve TV newscast from the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park at Dallas, Texas. The Cotton Bowl is located on the South side of Dallas in a Black neighborhood. That New Years Eve, the stadium was empty except for the TV crew. No lights except those provided by the TV crew.

There was a female reporter. The clock ticked down to midnight and gunfire began to erupt from the surrounding Black community. People were firing their weapons into the air. You could hear all different size calibers. But it wasn’t just the sounds of various pistols or rifles going Bang! [pause] Bang! [pause] Bang!

Repeatedly, even predominantly, I heard the chatter of full-automatic weapons. I guessed I was hearing AK-47s, M-16s, and Uzis. Not one or two, but lots of ’em. I remember thinking that it sounded like a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. The Blacks in South Dallas had some serious firepower.

The lady TV reporter started making her report in a professional, detached manner. The purpose of her broadcast was to report on the gun fire in the South side of Dallas. She apparently expected to hear a few gunshots.

However, she was not prepared to hear the noise of a civil war. Her eyes went wide when she realized that scores of guns were being fired, and perhaps a dozen of them were full-automatic. A lot of bullets were being fired up into the air. Those bullets had to come back down somewhere. The TV lady and her crew were standing at the 50-yard line of the Cotton Bowl with nothing over their heads. She involuntarily hunched over to make a smaller target. The TV lady was clearly afraid.

My point is that I saw that live TV news report back in the mid-1990s. I knew then that Blacks had a good number of fully-automatic weapons. That’s consistent with claims made in the following video.

Maybe government is dumping full-auto weapons into the ‘Hood.

Imagine finding a crate of guns in your back alley.

What would you do?
Ruby Ellis
I know Al Adask personally who has the adask.wordpress website. He is a very intelligent man dedicated to research truth. He used to have Citizens for Legal Reform meetings in the Dallas Texas area.
Saturday 14 January 2017, 00:10:48
Yes I 1st became aware of him many years ago.....Learned a lot from reading many of his articles....
Saturday 14 January 2017, 04:00:37
Ruby Ellis
Here in America, the government forces parents to vaccinate their children if the children attend school Vaccinations are pure poison. No one should ever take any vaccine - ever. Period. Al discovered the way the government forces any kind of medical treatment, or the way the government criminalizes marijuana or herbs is by defining man as an animal.
Al Adask - Declaration of Independence Part 1.wmv…
Saturday 14 January 2017, 04:06:20
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