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Hi everyone ! I`m new here. Haven`t had time to [...]

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Hi everyone ! I`m new here. Haven`t had time to read much, but Michael`s introduction was actually convinsing enough
for me to join. I did note one thing though ; we must grow as fast as possible. So I had this thought(it may be obsolete)
We should maybe try to get the Native Americans, all members of various Humanitarian groups., petition signing members
and so on.
Hi Torkel. While I totally agree that we need to grow the Ubuntu spirit of a free gift economy (check out Charles Eisenstein if you haven't heard of him yet! Awesome books and ideas), so while I totally agree with the goal where we need to go I am not sure this is just about growth.

I think this is as much about an inner revolution, an infectious change of the heart as of getting more Ubuntu members signed up.

There's power in changing your own heart and in trying to add to the shared field of consciousness of this planet. A lot of things happen behind the scenes and in coordination with the guys upstairs.

That's also why I try to cultivate a spirit of Sacred Resistance to the current insane society. A peaceful, nonviolent attitude that gently but firmly pushes back against the 'Me society' and the 'greed is good' mentality.

Make the change of heart happen in yourself. Then reach out to the people you are in touch with. Let it spiral out naturally from there. But begin with yourself!
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 20:43:37
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