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Ulrike Guerot Europese politics foresaw the collapse of the European [...]

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Ulrike Guerot Europese politics foresaw the collapse of the European Union. She's speaking in French, German and English. It's a Dutch television program of a leftwing group VPRO:…
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Ulrike Guerot is a German philosopher and historian, an academic in European politics. It's her opinion that the EU is morally and culturally bankrupt. I'm sharing that view with her.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 10:13:22
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"Das Volk, die EU-glieder, trennensich mehr und mehr ab vom EU"
"The populations of EU nations increaslingly distance themselves from the EU"
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 10:47:27
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It's funny to be the sole commenter on my own post and I know that Europe is only a part of the whole wide world and the interest in or security of its future may not be everybody's cup of tea.

In the coming months I will share a video with more explanation of how the EU works towards a dictatorial system that overrules any attempt to preserve a European nation''s sovereignty and authenticity. So happy to live in Britain now ;)

The noses need to point in the same direction and all the sausages are identical, dangling in front of them.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 07:32:09
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