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Wednesday 11 January 2017, 05:19:19
[deleted user]
Thank you for posting this video, Hefalump!
I've read Drunvalo' s view on this subject, in his books "The ancient secret of the Flower of LIfe".
He included a remark that is valuable to share here, I think.

That remark is about his view being based on his memories of past shifts and that his description isn't necesarily a future scenario fixed in time.
I fully agree with the content of this video, its consistent with what Drunvalo describes in his book of 1992.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 07:19:13
Very exciting and scary at the same time!
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 09:21:58
[deleted user]
Why scary when you realise you're the one who's the creator of your reality, VASSAR?
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 10:15:48
There are always variations and variables that you just do not have control over. Primary anomaly being one of them. Change can be a scary thing.It may not turn out exactly as he says is not written in stone but to feel the whole world and the people in it go through a transitional change is very overwhelming Pastinakel you know I have my own personal expectations as well or rather anticipations. Is funny though because Sheldon Nigel talks about the three days in the light chambers and then this guy talks about three days in darkness dreaming it's like ok lets just get this oved and done with already! I try not to think too much about these situations before they happen is just too much thought could perhaps mess with the expirience. But I'm ready none the less.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 19:03:18
For me it is clear: let go. trust the creator to have the perfect plan. nothing to guess, nothing to hope, just be. flow with the beautiful flower of wisdom and love opening in front of our very eyes. such wonder, such gift. How lucky we are to be in the middle of it. To know. What an adventure. Forget Frodo. ***We*** are putting the cursed ring, back into Mordor, once and for all.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 00:26:38
oh and...I'll be wearing mostly cotton from this moment on!!! ;o)
Thursday 12 January 2017, 01:22:06
[deleted user]
Beautifully expressed, Hefalump, yes, we are throwing the cursed ring into the volcano. And keep our little fingers both.

I've had the same thought, about wearing cotton, ha ha. It's rare that I wear synthetic clothes, for I can't bear it when it's in touch with my skin. Wearing nylons in the 60's, after one time I felt "no more". Far better to wear leggings of natural material and knit them myself, I've knitted my first selfspun woolen sock lately ;)

Besides, if you've seen the sparks flowing off synthetic clothing due to static electricity, when you undress in the dark. Awesome! I don't enjoy walking around like one of these masts we see in our landscapes today, allowing us to use tv and internet lol
Thursday 12 January 2017, 05:30:26
imagine synthetics turning gooy liquid on you in the middle of the day... that could be some really funny scenes !!!
Friday 13 January 2017, 02:31:11
Linka c
thankyou love and light
Friday 13 January 2017, 04:43:58
[deleted user]
Of course, VASSAR, I know all that, the feeling of not being familiar with those experiences. Once we're in it we will begin to remember that we've done this before.
It's not the first time that this darkness of 3 days will or can happen, you know? It's part of a cycle of experiences the planet and our solar system moves through
as a process that is as natural and mysterious as the structure of a snow flake. Don't forget that we're not using the full capacity of our consciousness at present. Besides, you're the measurer of your thoughts and not the part of you following Don Quichotte in his footsteps.
Friday 13 January 2017, 05:41:53
[deleted user]
Oh, regarding the synthetics turning gooy liquid, Hefalump, it's also happening with synthetic material in our homes and all places with structures. Imagine driving your car and gradually witness the disappearing of its parts. Once the steering wheel is melting, it's time to stop the car I guess. lol.

One of the early signs of am electromagnetic poleshift aka dimensional shift due to the change in the electromagnetic forces and the frequencies, affecting our consciousness, is the collapse of infrastructure worldwide, followed by a phenomenon that shows up as an appearance of colours in the atmosphere around us, starting with a red hue and following the colours of the rainbow until the world, the one our eyes are normally used to observing, disappears into pitchblack.

That's when the 3 days of darkness (approximately) begin and we're advised to turn within and meditate in preferably natural surroundings and not opening our eyes. Many 4 dimensional imagery and dynamics of energies will be present and it may distract you from an inner peace and balance. This is the way Drunvalo describes it in his books, not saying that it's going to happen this way now, but based on his memories of past existences.

The Hopi indians know all about this process and it's the reason why they build their homes from adobe, pure natural material. Their clothing was originally made of natural material and of course that was the case for all of us, before synthetic material was invented. All of this, related to living with nature, inspired me to work as a volunteer in British communities, in remote areas, learning to create strasbale homes and cob homes, living off the land without money.

I've actually lived for 5 months without money and it's amazing how comfortable it can be. I must confess that shelter, food and drinks were offered to me in exchange for my work, in 5 different communities. I paid my trainticket with a little benefit I received in my bank account each month.. It was a big jump into the unknown and I've stood on the platform of the train to the boat in Hoek of Holland, on April 14 2012, moving through a tremendous emotional outburst of doubt and uncertainty, feeling "Oh my goodness, what am I doing?"

But it passed and it's been a very enriching experience in my life, for finding home within is the most precious discovery to me, which I only could experience by throwing myself out of my comfort zone. I was definitely ready for it and I lived in deep trust with life, meeting all sorts of people, doing the same thing in various ways of experiencing and various backgrounds. Washing my clothes in a stream and living off grid.
We're capable of so much more than what we're used to, once we give it a try
Friday 13 January 2017, 06:11:58
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