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The Great Irish Sell Off = an RTE programme which [...]

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The Great Irish Sell Off = an RTE programme which generated the following comment from a N Ireland based lady called Michelle Boyle, with whom I started communicating on lawfulbank (now dead) platform a couple of years ago:

Michelle Boyle
12:18 AM (12 hours ago)

to me, Sean, Anthony, Peter, Inness, Adam, Parmjit, Margaret, Anna
Sure its only a number, like they say here your as young as you feel or as young as the person you are feeling, lol!

Another megga interesing item to check out on RTE One (RTE 1) this evening called The Great Irish Sell Off and possibly another part of the jigsaw. By the end of it was nearly spitting nails, it was so appaling and explains exactly what is going on i.e. the culprets being banks selling to hedgefunds, and their mindset is if they didn't do it then someone else would=wanted to rip their heads off their shoulders. The guy doing the programe also went America and Spain where exactly the same is happening, in particular in Barcelona though would bet is all over = one for Margaret and Parmjet to be aware of, though was class where Blackrock evicted the owners to sell it on, so the community against it all got them out, pulled it apart so would not be of interest to another buyer and blocked it up so they couldn't get in until a family was going to live there. Not a bit of wonder the Iish get the name of being thick - in particular the politicians and the like! Also had a discussion on the following programe with the political representatives who were full of the same shite and the silence from the audience was deafening - if was me would have been asking questions, the mind boggles. The system needs to be taken down last century to get rid of these locust paracites. But based on their attitudes the only option left to those thrown into that position is scorched earth.

My reply being...

Neil Warren
1:13 PM (6 minutes ago)

to Michelle, Sean, Anthony, Peter, Inness, Adam, Parmjit, Margaret, Anna
Very good - and I'm assuming it is helping at least Anthony-Sean-Michelle to have been seeing whatever of these emails they do or don't - as the Ireland examples bubble up, and where you-we have cross-and-self-informed each other?

I'll watch later and keep an eye out for anyone else on Fa£$€book etc. who I can sensibly cage-rattle with this stuff, albeit that it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stronger when it is not always, always, always...."Neil-says-Michelle-is-spitting-nails on this one..."

Are you still with us and or OK, Innie, by the way?…
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