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Hi All, I'm new here and this is my first [...]

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Hi All, I'm new here and this is my first post. I haven't seen this piece of news listed here yet, so here goes! It seems that Queen Elizabeth II (head of the evil cabal) has died.

I heard the news here, from Kent Dunn (…) and then checked it out on Google to see if the mainstream media had repported it. They had not, but I found this article which is reporting on posts that were made on the Royal website and then quickly removed. It seems very true, so wait and see what pans out.

Check this out ...…
May be true. we'll have to see. there has been several false alarms and contradictory announcement so it is no longer on top of my list of big concern, I wouldn't be surprised though.
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 03:15:51
...and welcome Amy!
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 03:16:31
[deleted user]
Hello Amy, welcome to this community. I suggest, when news pops up, don't cross the street when in doubt. This community isn't the same as Facebook. I certainly hope so at least

To be honest, it doesn't interest me if the British queen dies or lives. I live by the present day, in Britain. Though I have not much affection with the Royal family, being Dutch by birth. She's loved by many, I've noticed, specially by the older generations in Britain.
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 10:48:04
Hi Amy, welcome to PFC. I see that Stillness in the Storm is also reporting the same. It looks like there may be a power struggle within the Royal Family ar this time. Link:…
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 12:39:08
Yea, she died along time ago...
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 13:43:36
[deleted user]
You're priceless, VASSAR!
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 16:16:37
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 17:35:45
That is comedy!
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 17:36:19
See Amy, you never know what you'll start with one innocent little post.
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 17:37:26
[deleted user]
Being British I can say the alarm bells went off on new years day when it was reported she didn't attend church again. That's unheard off. I've heard lots of rumours etc on various sites but that's all. If I was to take a punt I'd say she croaked it over Xmas and it will have not been a natural death but at a chosen time after much ritual. But that's just my quess. If she has gone than there will be a great shift in the country and it will be interesting to see it play out. After all she's gotta go some time right?
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 20:44:37
So true Pastinakel! We need a new queen! Preferably NOT related to the British royals! One fare and Just!
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 21:15:30
[deleted user]
Suffering from a severe cold at the age of 90 is a condition that makes a drafty church visit difficult. Even impractical, due to the royal coughs and sneezes.
She's gotta go some time indeed, so many elderly Britains love and admire her, it may become an Exodus, escaping the reptilian groundcrew and entering the promised green pastures
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 21:19:30
[deleted user]
I guess you meant Carla in your comment, or did you refer to yourself being priceless, VASSAR? You're so vain
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 21:21:54
I guess no-one is going to believe that Queen Elizabeth has died until the mainstream media (that purveyor of 'fake-news') reports it.
I'm not interested in the Queen herself as a person either. I posted it because it is her purported role as the Supreme Leader of the New World Order, the Illuminati, or the evil cabal (as I said), whatever you want to call it, that was of interest.

The Queen heads the list of the Committee of 300 of the elite Shadow Government. There are several references to this list if you care to Google it - David Icke and Benjamin Fulford have referred to it. It lists many of Europe's royal families besides that of the UK, and a number of politicians and prominent people in government, especially that of the USA. You'd be aware, I suppose, that this shadow government is now under siege and is being 'taken down' as we move to a 'New Earth' and ascend to the 5th Dimension..

The list apparently originated from this book: "The World Order: Our Secret Rulers" by Eustace Mullins (1992). If interested here are two recent links to this list which are very similar with some additions/deletions between the two.
1. Dated August 2014 -…
2. Dated September 2016 -…

As always, we sit back and see what happens.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 02:27:18
Pastinakel I can be very expensive! Not to stray too far off the subject, even if she did die her role would still be played out in the media because she must be held accountable for the very LONG list of crimes she has committed in her lifetime as Elizabeth 2nd right? She has done so many surreal bad things that the public probably most likely wouldn't handle it very well especially now with the break up of the EU and France in shambles. The best thing is to keep her in the eye of the public until full disclosure comes out because she may not even be human.

Her crimes against humanity and that of Earth will involve many star nations as well and they have proper process procedures for that sort of thing because of her claims on this planet. There needs to be an open minded universal discussion on the traumatic impact she has had on the planet because she has had more than one physical lifetime on this planet and this must be addressed ceremonially to heal her damage. Is she dead or not just simply isn't that simple. I personally want her alive to face the tribunal and meet her fate.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 21:38:38
[deleted user]
Apparently she's been seen in public she is alive
Thursday 12 January 2017, 21:41:30
[deleted user]
Oh, it's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.... is it VASSAR?
That's an old slogan to me, out of fashion. Your view on the British Queen I don't share with you.
Not meaning that I condone all that she has possibly done that damages living beings.
We need to step out of the wheel of karma to have a proper look around, from a broader perspective.
I can imagine that you're NOT amused by this wisdom lol
Thursday 12 January 2017, 21:56:37
Not really Pastinakel you're talking revenge. I am talking self defense. I belong on this planet. Besides she is a war criminal and other nations want her held accountable. I know you are probably a forgiving person and willing to move on passed this. But you see there is a retribution in store is her fate I had nothing to really do with it it's her problem not mine.

I was largely unaware of some of the things she seemed to have laid claim on until someone pointed it out to me. If they had not she would rightnow be getting away with murder without a trial or anything. She will have the chance by the galactics to go into the light. She will get the choice that I bever had.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 22:28:26
[deleted user]
"Let the dead bury the dead"
Thursday 12 January 2017, 22:39:18
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