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Hello World! We are here to help society in this time [...]

Missoula, Montana
via Back To The Mother
Hello World!
We are here to help society in this time of shift. We are knowledgable in building Geodesic Biodomes for year round farming. We seek to expand community gardens to sustain neighborhoods. We want to move towards community kitchens. We are here to teach the importance of living foods that help connect us to our mother. My name is Drew. I lead a local meditation class weekly at the Open Way Mindfulness Center here in MIssoula. All are welcome and it is free of charge!
hell drew, I'm here in northern Idaho, I'm trying to connect dots with all regional brethren and sistrens. I'm new to the site so I'm trying to find people regionally to talk with
Tuesday 5 December 2017, 21:00:38
Marie N
I am in cody Wyoming trying to see what is happening in this area of the world.
Monday 21 May 2018, 05:48:05
Hi, Is there anyone that is active on this site at all?
Friday 2 August 2019, 01:25:31
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