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I , miss most important topic : communication between humans. [...]

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I , miss most important topic : communication between humans. We was convicted till fanatic, religious, blind believe, that there is some kind of "normality" ore "positivity" in competition. No is not, never was and never will be, it just enslavement tool and if people refuse to compete against each other, it will be easy to refuse any leadership ore authority that does not serve life. # competition = enslavement tool
Slaves are not supposed to talk to each other. That's what the destruction of Tower of Babel was all about.
Everything in the Bible is backwards. Well almost. For example.
Why is it a bad thing to gain knowledge and wisdom (by eating an apple)?
Why is the entity considered a bad guy who tried to help Adam and Eve?
Why are snakes evil, while in many cultures snakes are great healers and bringers of well-being?
Saturday 7 January 2017, 23:53:41
[deleted user]
yeah those professional God lovers, first they convinced people that God = Love so thats looks like fine to listen, but then a good man is one who fears God. So we start to fear Love. To kill in the middle of the bright day is kind of undesirable, but fine, but make love in the middle of the day is no way , not acceptable at all. So to kill became more acceptable then make love. Why? Because we suppose to instead of love each other, love God (?) ore more precisely follow professional God lovers charade. All religions agree that God is purest form of love and God is one . So where is devision with different religions? Religions differ by professional God lovers. Solution is, we use what we all agree up on and that is Love ore technically speaking unconditional contribution to creation, to serve life, to fulfill human needs. I can live with out religion ore Gods , but no one of us can survive with out Love , because we all are fruits of love (mom and dad love each other so much and they invite new sole on this planet)

OK so how to love each other? Professional God lovers claim that we need to sacrifice our life right now in the name of non existing time as future (in reality just continue to work for the rulers). and when one suffer it is easy to dismiss that dude by Hay Jesus died for your sins on the cross and you wiping about something? be happy that you live and you get paid after you die.
In reality there is no need to suffer ore sacrifice anything at all. Everyones needs can be met by free giving from the heart with the happiness of child feeding hungry duck in the park. In a mater of fact every time when one gives in ore gives up anything we all pay for that in the social well being. Traffic rules of exchange of vital information are designed to get along, not create winners and losers. In order to survive as the group you need exchange vital information. Not obey, not fear the God ore authority, not to fall in hierarchy of violence like some kind of animals.
I know for sure that world is older then my mamas pussy everything els is totally irrelevant to present time it is: his story = history Adam and Eve does not exist it can not be reference to anything. If you believe in light it is because of darkness and if you believe in joy it is because of sadness and if you believe in God it is because of the Devil. Truth is observe able: this is what you did... This is how I feel about it... This is what need of mine was met ... this is the way to say thank you or if need wasn't met then we make request and that would be way to say please. All what humans ever saying is please and thank you it just we was educated with a lots of Imaginary stuff that does not serves life at all. So when some one screams at you telling who you are and blaming, judging... it just tragic way to say Please I feel... because I need... would you please do ... You are fucking as hole = when you do this I feel that , because I need ... would you please... I love people when they are helpless and small that can not talk at all just screaming, crying ore giggling (= please, please and thank you) so you just check on eat, poop, sleep ore interact needs and you done. Habit to talk in judgmental forms of stories, should be changed in simple exchange of what is life in us. If one are hungry, that what is ones current need and that what is life in one at the moment. So usual one say: You are stupid, because it is much better to visit exclusive Italian restaurant which is my grad parents traditional food and we would understand that culture much more then looking for some art in museum, by the way, it is much closer and opportunity that we can miss for ever, because people live temporary and museum lives for ever and you just getting on me back just because yesterday ... blah blah blah instead of saying: I am hungry so much that I can not enjoy anything else right now
And I was thinking why people can get along? Why they talking like from the screen? Because that is what in their heads?
Our actions are extension of how we communicate.

I took example of physical need (hunger) in order to make it more obvious. It seams more confusing when people saying arguments for different strategy trying to met social need. Good news we do not need to guess correctly, we ask and focus our intention to understand need = real reason why any one make sounds in the first place . Can you imagine a world where everyone gets along? I can't, but I would love to live in the word with people by free giving from the heart with out suffer or sacrifice, just because it is do able. You are guilty = I do not like You have to = I would like to - there is different ways to say please . You are brilliant = I like it You finally get it, but not quite competently = I like it and I would like more if you... there is deferent ways to say thank you.

I ranting here because I need peace among us and if we learn how to communicate we will succeed to create life serving culture for all of us . I get tiered and go sleep now , but later we can look at gram and how much sense does it make, ask for clarification on any situation.
Monday 9 January 2017, 00:59:09
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