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I'm trying to connect with people who feel the same [...]

Boise, Idaho
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I'm trying to connect with people who feel the same about setting an arbitrary date for initiating a global RBE. Maybe two years out and connecting with talented visionaries of the world to write a plan and create the infrastructure necessary. There are so many groups out there that this might be a conversation happening else where. The one I know of is

Please help me connect
Ed S
Ubuntu Planet,, similar things ..
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 16:27:57
Erikiita, I agree with Ed - UBUNTU Planet is a great movement and we are focused on the right causes. I started a circle on this full circle project and created a local group in Minneapolis. It worked great and about a dozen of us have met every month for almost a year now. Check out UBUNTU Contributionism!
Friday 20 January 2017, 14:50:40
Hi Erica. If you are on Facebook, feel free to hook up with Ubuntu Chapter 1. We are a new group of enlightened souls working together for a better world. We have members of Ubuntu Planet USA and Canada core teams. Lots of really great things are happening, so lets get connected and change the world
Saturday 20 May 2017, 20:19:43
Ed S
Awesome... i live on the mountains .. realy off grid. without internet. taking care off the gardens and the housing . So i am not online so often..
Wednesday 24 May 2017, 19:32:05
Marcia E
I find the transition to this to be the most daunting. I suggest that people start their local eco villages and begin getting off grid. While holding some group funds for current needs such as land taxes or lawyers. When the system implodes we will already have our food in the ground, practice at governing, and possibly schools and "employment" in place for the thousands that will be scattered and looking for help at that time.
Tuesday 28 November 2017, 10:43:02
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