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Davie Seaman is so very good at getting information about that Horror about child abuse called Pizzagate out. (I find it really hard to use this word "Pizzagate." How nauseating that is.)
[deleted user]
I'm sorry that you experienced this, Davie, I assume you didn't see it coming at all. I'm never into online shopping and exchange of virtual money, if I can prevent it.

I've got a very small amount of money in my PayPal account and I top it up on the same day I use it to pay a bill or send money to someone.

That frozen PayPal account is another example to me, showing how vulnerable we are when "owning" virtual money and make payments online.

How often have I heard of fraudulous practices in online shopping due to dishonest sales management or by going through the motions and not pay attention to the steps that are required to complete a payment, paying the same product 3 times, unnoticed, and never getting the money back, that is paid too often.

I do hope your account will thaw soon. If 'this is an attempt to sabotage you, PayPal turns the torchlight on itself, isn't it? It that's the case, why loose its credibility that way, I wonder? Or am I naive?
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 18:49:51
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