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I VASSAR am not sure how authentic this is but [...]

Chicago, Illinois
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I VASSAR am not sure how authentic this is but I thought you guys would like to check this out! –FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLIC RELEASE –


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – U.S.A. (12/30/2016) – Official Ambassador of Agartha, TAMARINDA MAASSEN to speak publicly at the "AGARTHA TO HUMANITY WORLD SYMPOSIUM“- Where the Worlds Will Meet - in New York, New York Date and location will be announced here:

This will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from those from the Inner Earth – the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. We invite all of Humanity to attend this public Symposium - and learn more about this ancient civilization, and their timely message to Humanity.

“To the people of Earth we have watched your development for eons, and now is the time to reconnect with our extended family around the World. We invite you to come and learn about your true ancient history that has been purposefully hidden from you by a great and powerful cabal. Over the years we have communicated with your population to provide guidance to your leaders, in addition we have sent messages to you through our emissaries. Who by our direction, have published our communications through news articles, and selected media outlets.

We have decided at this point in time in humanities history to engage in a mutual diplomatic dialog with the human population - directly - about our culture, technology, and spiritual insights to assist you for the coming changes you will soon experience. In addition to our presentations at Symposium there will be a questions and answer sessions with the public. All questions will be answered. Now is the time to awaken, we will assist those who are ready to shift from this matrix of illusion, to a reality of truth and ascendance.

We the Agarthans - send you our greetings and personal invitation to meet us where the worlds unite, on the earthly plain of New York, New York in the country of the United States of America. We await our reunion”.

-Tamarinda Maassen-

Ambassador of Agartha (Master Teacher - The Ancient School of Wisdom - Salomonari)

For additional information, venue location, tickets, international press requests, you may send an official email of inquiry to:

Mrs. Sandra D. Sabatini, Organizer / Liaison -
Phone: (502) 509-5592
[deleted user]
I wonder what's for dinner, those 3 days
Monday 2 January 2017, 21:03:23
Emerald Aven
I follow some of Corey Goode's stuff and he said to treat it more as entertainment. It would be pretty cool though.
Monday 2 January 2017, 21:57:00
Thanks VASSAR, this looks interesting to me. I signed up for their email, so I can follow what transpires.
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 01:20:24
OH! how awesome!
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 02:21:32
this may be a post Event event. possibly. will follow-up on it!
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 02:22:41
Pastinakel: Agarthan food I hope!!!
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 02:34:57
[deleted user]
Sponsored by American Airlines and other companies. I am not sure if this is not fake:)
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 09:55:24
[deleted user]
A great project and idea though
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 09:56:54
[deleted user]
I've sent an email and asked if this is genuine. Of course I'm not too much expecting to receive proof, but at least I've done something. My gut feeling says it's entertainment, but maybe we're triggered, for the first time, incapable of trusting this to be a true event. Imagine how you may feel when the first Galactic fleet arrives and you stand outside looking at it, possibly nipping your skin as a reality check. Or each other, auucchhh!
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 10:38:10
Idk. They did say that they were planning on making an announcement so we can see the inner Earth which I find very fascinating by the way but foreal though I am not trying to be mean or anything but I know they are split down there because some of them actually help us surface dwellers they came up. But, for alot of them they don't want to have really anything to do with us some of them. I applaud those who helped but honestly where have they been while we've been getting our buts kicked for the past millennium? We could have used they help they was chillen out! I'm sure they have they reasons or I hope so. Maybe they did help i just couldn't notice?
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 14:27:02
[deleted user]
As I perceive it, there's much more involved than the readiness or refusal to assist, VASSAR, by those living below surface.
I think that the collective human consciousness needed to reach a certain level in order to have that "first contact".
What if it's the other way around? Imagine how it is for them, waiting all this time, maybe growing weary about humanity
on the surface, taking its time to grow up and walk away from mommy and daddy aka authorities outside ourselves?
More or less in confusion and innocense? And I think that this goes for beneficial ET races too, same thing. That's why
there's this expression: "We are the ones we've been waiting for". Self empowerment is stop blaming others.
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 18:28:15
Yea that sounds reasonable. I know they refer to the surface dwellings as hell I know our energy is very harsh for them. If I was them i'd probably be weary to about coming up here you know they waited for the radiation to subside after the fallout which I personally don't think it's all the way gone. It is funny isn't it how everyone seems to be looking for someone else to save them? I know they got good technology down there and also the resistance is down there and the elite I just find it odd that they haven't really run into eachother by now but I know it is spacey so it is possible. I know they live longer than we do and if some of them are still alive could tell us about ancient Atlantis. Pastinakel they kniw kunf fu! Telekinesis! I think they can fly??? Not tryin to place blame but I feel they could have given the cabal a very good blow! There's still a debate going on about this..humanity is suffering even greater than I thought it's accelerated since Obama. I know I've done everything I possibly could do. Maybe they was scared I know they couldn't stomach the everyday stuff we deal with everyday! It's gotta be peaceful downthere. I know the cabal went down there recently to smash them up a bit.It's ok I got this lol😀 Another thing I know is that they do telepathically connect with certain surface population people.
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 20:37:06
[deleted user]
lol I suggest you give your rocket stove mind a rest, VASSAR. It's difficult to get past it and find peace while burning so much fuel
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 20:44:18
Yes! After I finish my Thia 🍜 noodles! My minds all over the place! Got great rest last night must repeat because it's goin down! 😋
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 20:55:22
[deleted user]
I think you're often too impulsive, VASSAR. Going in 6 directions at the same time with your attention.
Don't gobble your noodles in haste, chew each bit 300 times at least, young man! grumpy granny talking lol
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 21:01:37
Sonja you're welcome ket us kniw if you hear anything worth tellin!
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 21:26:32
Pastinakel you're funny sometimes and a little weird! But don't take that to the heart kid Deuce V ONE LOVE
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 21:30:15
[deleted user]
Oh my, there you have it. I was just going to wish you BON APPETIT and saying don't mind my words.
I had a rough and tough day today. Exploded and in one piece again, within 15 minutes, breathless.
Very intense but all is well that ends well
Tuesday 3 January 2017, 21:41:12
Ha Pastinakel you gotta get youself together! Them noodles was good thank you! Hope your day turns out better! One day seems to go by like an blink of an eye kinda uncomfortable. Hope this pans out soon! Here we go again...
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 09:53:26
[deleted user]
VASSAR, after10 hours of sleep, fortunately, my day today turns out far better,.
I'm in a challenging situation now, but the sky has cleared. Thank you for well wishing :)
By the way, I love soba noodles, made of buckweat. It's sold in organic shops. Yammie!
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 10:30:14
[deleted user]
You two could be a fighting wed couple after twenty years of marriage haha but the age difference would be too big haha
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 22:11:14
[deleted user]
Spot on, Martina fair, it's what makes me chuckle often, watching this banter between VASSAR and me lol
Thursday 5 January 2017, 08:12:13
Martina, Pastinakel started it I was just sharing some info! 😁 yeah Pastinakel sure did get ahead start from me! I think she likes to see me squabble!
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:44:01
[deleted user]
LOLthat's a delightful proof of us beinga fighting wed couple, VASSAR. Don't worry, I mean no harm and you told me that you liked being somewhat provocative, or tickling buttons that are in need of pushing. On my side, I like my buttons pushed, for that's how I come to know them and also to keep my jester in good condition
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:58:26
[deleted user]
just joking:)
Thursday 5 January 2017, 21:15:56
[deleted user]
Actually, Martina fair, I felt it was an accurate observation, even shared in jest
Thursday 5 January 2017, 22:16:25
Pastinakel, provocative huh whoever said that? Stop putting words in my post! HHah! jokn. Marriage you say? Wrll I am rather drop dead gorgeous aren't i? You Yea I think she likes to tease me! Maybe Pastinakels words are worse than her bite! 😁
Friday 6 January 2017, 08:42:05
[deleted user]
Let's not make more of it than it is, it's all banter to me, lighthearted and not causing animosity at all, as far as I'm concerned, VASSAR.
Back to the topic, ha ha, says she, going off topic often..... so far I haven't received a response to my email of 4 days ago, asking if this
was a genuine announcement. I don't take this initiative very serious unless more proof of "the real deal" arrives. Good day to you, VASSAR
Friday 6 January 2017, 08:56:28
Yea IDK I thought you guys would get a kick out of it I mean if Cobra and the resistance haven't said anything about it then. take it as a grain of salt. I know we have to use outbown discernment and not have to wait on Cobra for everything but, if it isn't genuine then I have to figure out why this person would post something like this? And if it is authentic then the Argathans I heard had some pretty good 🍲 Food! But 4 days is alot they must have gotten inundate with emails and questions.
Friday 6 January 2017, 09:45:09
[deleted user]
Don't you know, VASSAR, that many people are able, nowadays, with increasing competence of skills too,
to share whatever they fantasize or find useful, to disinform, induce fear and to create confusion or negative
judgments of wayshowers, in the most dramatic ways, in order to distract us?
Or dangle a carrot in front of our bunny noses? What does a rabbit do when it sees a car coming, on the road?
Friday 6 January 2017, 10:09:10
Yes that is right Pastinakel but this person is supposed to have some type of credibility on their part. Seems authentic although the recordings are hard to understand a bit.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 07:46:20
[deleted user]
Supposed to.... seems authentic... nonsense. When no response is given to an email message, nor is an issue addressed explaining the presence of the transcripts that are... supposed.... to be present on the site, after several inquiries by me and others, the whole project seems to be in a state of chaos, amateuristic attempts due to the first phase of such a tremendous endeavour.... I mean that world symposium... it smells like either extremely gullible people who try to organize this while fully in illusion or it's authentic in its origin but managed by amateurs who really should invite more experienced people for the creation of this groundbreaking event. If it's all true of course. I'm quite sceptical, I know. To me it feels like there's a need for much more water flowing under the bridge, before all this bridge building can happen. It's "puppy-love in first contact" to me, but now I'm not kind and quite sarcastic. I'm frustrated. ;)
Thursday 12 January 2017, 08:41:01
[deleted user]
I don't agree with having said that, where do I find the post in the community page, so that I can remove it? Oh where is it??
Thursday 12 January 2017, 10:29:30
Pastinakel there is about 3 hours of video footage of 4 ladies doing interviews. The blond lady is saying things that not alot of people are aware of. Yes the energy is a little on the dark side as you know the interview was done by a married couple. But other than that the info sounds spot on. She is saying things I know to be true. Did you see Sonjas post? Very interesting indeed. Yes there is still sone doubt but honestly I don't think they would go through all that just for attention at their age. Guess you didn't resonate with it?
Thursday 12 January 2017, 22:08:12
[deleted user]
I just had a bad hair day, VASSAR. I'd gladly removed my former comment if I'd been on time.
Please, don't pay attention to my rumbling and barking. Yelp
Thursday 12 January 2017, 22:31:28
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