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Nestle ‘Reinvents’ Sugar, Set To Hit Shelves Next Year [...]

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Nestle ‘Reinvents’ Sugar, Set To Hit Shelves Next Year…
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Thank you for sharing this info. There's much to work on, once people wake up and begin to make decisions to eat for the benefit of their health and stop feeding their addictions.

I see this invention of Nestle's sugar as another attempt to harm our health. Since I left Holland and now live in the UK, for 18 months, it's shocking how little English residents know about their food and practice disciplin in serving their wellbeing.

Complacency is rife in this country on many levels, it's a loop that gives residents an excuse to console their conscience as soon as awareness of that lack pops up and guilt steps in. It's a huge lesson in patience and compassion for me, to witness this and witness my judgment.

Comfort food as in processed junk food is much appreciated here and many walk around with a comfort chair attached to their body.

I've indulged myself in cakes, since I live in the UK
and now I've got a little comfort chair attached to my bottom, ha ha. Cutting sugar out of my diet is hard work for my sweet tooth, but very rewarding! In sync with much excersize outdoors.

I'm so happy that I"m walking away from using sugar in my diet and stop eating those sugar- dripping cakes, present at any occasion almost.

Politeness and servitude in England is the icing on a cake that has grown mouldy inside. It's very clear to me how that attitude, after politeness is being forced on English children from birth, has damaged the ability to think for themselves and speak their truth with a freedom of choice.

I believe the intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners, processed food and politeness ruling in their lives, is an explanation of why so many residents suffer from dementia in the UK.

Why living up to standards of others? It's such a difference with the Dutch attitude in life, which I don't mean to loose ever ;)

I know this story is far off topic, but the subject triggered the unexpected and somewhat distressing experiences I've had, since I moved oversea with a one way ticket.

I guess this culture shock affects my blood sugar levels and moodswings unexpectedly too ;)

Monday 2 January 2017, 05:03:55
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